I've always loved journaling, especially during the summertime. Every summer, since I was a little girl, I've kept a journal of my summer activities. I'll admit, some of the older ones are on the boring side, but it's nice to look back on softball scores or games played at the beach because those are memories that make me smile. These days, I write more about how I feel about certain events rather than just listing everything I did during the day. I like to think my journals are more interesting now. 

This summer was no exception to my summer journal routine, and my "Summer 2013" journal is almost full!

Around my seventeenth birthday, I decided that I wanted to keep a journal during the school year, too. I was having a rough patch with friends, and journaling helped me feel better about things. It worked out so that I was journaling more than ever during my first trip to D.C. and my first trip to NYC, too, and I'm so glad I can look back on that. Even though I have journals for 11th and 12th grades, one of my biggest regrets from high school is not journaling throughout all my years. 

My favorite journals are the kind with an envelope/pocket in the back cover so that I can save pictures, ticket stubs, post cards, receipts, and other memories. 
My "Senior Year Journal" and all the memories from its pocket.

I usually buy my journals from Marshalls for around $4 a journal. The one pictured and the one I'm using now are both Eccolo World Traveler Soho Journals and they're 5.5x8", which is the perfect size for me. 

I can't wait to start my "First Year of College Journal"! Less than two weeks, now!  

Does anyone else journal or scrapbook to preserve their memories? 

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