A Dash of Pink

I added some more homey touches to my room! 

I finally bought a frame for my Audrey poster
I bought mine from Target for around $7, but they must only sell them unframed in the store because I could only find a pre-framed one for $70 online. My advice would be to shop around. I feel like I'm always seeing posters on sale at Rue La La, too. 

I also bought a command hook for outside my bedroom door! It matched my keychain perfectly! 
Backstory on why I needed a key hook:
I have a private room, so even though I share my bathroom and hallway with a roommate, we have separate bedrooms with our own doors. Said doors lock, and I've gotten into the habit of locking mine when I go out. This would be a great idea, except on days when I'm rushing or late (We're talking rarely, haha) and I lock my door with my keys inside! Total dilemma because after the first time, our front desk charges $10 every time we need them to unlock our door! (Which is crazy expensive considering that they do nothing at that desk anyway!) So obviously I'm already in the habit of leaving my keys outside my door! 

The magnetic board is mostly for displaying pictures, but I also clipped the school calendar to the bottom. I use my Apple calendar on my iPad and Macbook, but the school calendar has all the fun days already on it, like Free Cookies in the Union day! Totally handy dandy. 

So it's safe to say that I'm adjusting well to dorm life. How about y'all?? Anyone have a scary roommate (mine's super sweet) story or something you want to share about your first few weeks at college?? 

Anything to distract me from my boring biology notes...


  1. sounds like a great set up! Im a junior and living off campus so getting my house set up was a big deal! love the audrey poster!
    -The Preppy Student

    1. So sorry I'm just seeing this! Just checked out your blog! So cute! How'd you get a link into a comment? I've been trying to figure that out for months! Haha!