20 Before 20

On the night before my 19th birthday, I was inspired by Mackenzie's and Carly's exciting lists of things to do, so I made my own! I plan on achieving everything on this list before my 20th birthday!

  1. Learn to play the guitar
  2. Start working on my memoir
  3. Have a professional photo-shoot with my mom
  4. Get a mani+pedi
  5. Start a scrapbook for Phi Mu 
  6. Learn to cook
  7. Think of working out as 'play' and play at least three times a week. 
  8. Eat more colorfully
  9. Try sushi 10-11-13
  10. Go camping (in a tent!) (s'mores are a must!)
  11. Attend a midnight movie premiere 11-22-13 (Catching Fire)
  12. Read at least five classic books (2/5)
  13. Run a 5K
  14. Get back out on the golf course
  15. Go on a trip with friends (Spring Break in Disney!)
  16. Buy my Mom Christmas presents early and with my own money (maybe next year?)
  17. Bake more macarons
  18. Collect + test recipes for a cookbook
  19. Ice skate
  20. Actually dance like no one's watching at socials. 4-12-14

I also vowed to live every week like Birthday Week because I had a pretty great time leading up to my birthday. Now I'll try to keep up with these, and I've actually already accomplished a couple (!!!). Hopefully by writing them here instead of only in my journal will help me remember these. If I can stick to these (I won't go crazy if I don't), it should be a pretty exciting year!

And now, a quick little visit from the ghost of birthdays past:

18 (80's party @ a skating rink)

(big jump) 



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