A Free (virtual) Wanderlust Cure

It's no secret that I absolutely love to travel. I love flying, driving, or riding to new places, but, being an unemployed college student can sometimes make traveling difficult. Which brings me to my ingenious idea: a free (virtual) wanderlust cure!

 Okay, so it may not actually be a cure, but it definitely helps to dull those travel-pangs for a little while.

It's a simple concept. Whenever you feel the urge to hop on a plane, find your way to the internet or your local library instead. I use Pinterest as my home base for this activity. I search whichever place I'm thinking about and then start a new pinboard.

Just the other day, I was at the library reading travel books about Boston. I found websites for all the restaurants and places in the book and pinned them to my Boston board! 

Sometimes if this isn't enough, I plan out exactly how I want my trip to go -- how many days, which hotel, museums, shows, and tourist attractions I'd like to see -- and then put a price tag on all of it. I even figure in the air and taxi fares! 

There are notes on my iPad dedicated to imaginary trips to New York City. I've got super expensive week-long trips and cheap(er) weekend getaways all planned out.
And if that still doesn't help, there's always Google Maps Streetview! My 12th grade English teacher took us on virtual tours of England when we learned about British literature. 

I'm always planning trips, and if you'd like to, I'd love it if you followed me on Pinterest!

 (Still waiting on the day I can have city sub-boards under one big travel board! Are you listening, Pinterest?)

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