Back from DC!

I'm finally all settled into my dorm room and I have my first two classes tomorrow! 

I wish I had prepared a little better. I wanted to do an Inside My Backpack or What's In My Longchamp? post in honor of the beginning of the new semester. Live and learn. I'll try to get one of those posts to y'all by the end of the week! 

In the mean time, please enjoy these snapshots from my trip to Washington, D.C.

Selfies in a "blizzard"

Warm and toasty OOTD

Candles inside the National Basilica

The March for Life

#TeamLife #MarchforLife

P.S. I 100% recommend L.L. Bean's Bean Boots! My feet were toasty warm throughout the entire trip! Absolutely no complaints about the quality; these will probably last a lifetime! 

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