Winter Storm = Wimpy Storm

Winter Storm Leon had me hyped up for some excitement. The cold rain was such a letdown. 

Did I even do anything productive over this unexpected vacation? 

Is reading an entire Gillian Flynn novel in one sitting, watching a broadway musical online, catching up on all of my recorded tv, eating every half hour, and drinking enough English breakfast tea to fill the Boston harbor considered productive? 

No? Well then I guess I did nothing productive. 

I don't even have fun pictures of snow to share because I stayed inside for almost this entire time! 

I did drive back to my house this morning because my mom's potato soup was worth risking my life on icy roads (Sarcasm. There were no icy roads in these parts.)

The potato soup and warmy fire, however, were probably worth risking my life, though. Sooo good. 

So there you have it, such excitement. Not even a picture to prove that I didn't nap for an entire two days. 

But, my Bean boots did keep my toes toasty on the walk through the cold rain to the cafeteria yesterday. And I thought I would get such little use out of snow boots in South Louisiana!

Anyways, my classes start back up again tomorrow and I have my first Tuesday/Thursday class of the semester! Speech 101 and Music 101: Basic Piano! I couldn't be more excited about the piano class! 
As for speech, I'll hold back on words of excitement, but I will still be optimistic. Fingers crossed that I don't do horribly!

P.S. I picked up an application for our campus newspaper and I'm really hoping to get a job as a staff writer! I'd love to write for "in real life" people, so could all of you who might read this say a quick prayer for me? 

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