Now I'm going to preface this with the following: I am in a good place with my body right now. I've had some issues in the past with body image, confidence, and numbers on the scale.

If you've got issues with any of those things too, please check out Loving Imperfection, an awesome blog by the beautiful McCall Dempsey, who has overcome an eating disorder and has the best advice on loving yourself.

Her Southern Smash project seriously changed my life. 

I've never actually been in the best shape. I would not consider myself sporty or even all that strong.
I enjoy reading, blogging, and other things that are about as far away from exercise on the activity spectrum. Although I've done dance, gymnastics, softball, volleyball, color guard, golf, and swim team at different points in my life, sports and movement have never really been at the top of my list. 

There have been two major factors of inspiration for this new mindset.  

The first one is rowing
I've fallen in love with this sport unlike any other. Single sculling is my favorite because you determine how fast and how far you go. No muscles + wind and a little current? You might be stuck in the bayou for a while until you can get yourself back to the dock. 
Inspirational Woman of the Moment: Genevra "Gevvie" Stone: one of the Single Scullers on the Olympic team! She competed in the London games in 2012! 

My second source of inspiration came from an unexpected place. 

Earlier this week, I had to interview some of the girls from the soccer team for the newspaper. I probably would have never met them without the interview and they were all so sweet! I really am loving this job!
Those girls were in seriously good shape, though. They run around for hours and lift weights and do drills and it isn't even soccer season! 
After I interviewed their coach, who was drenched in sweat after a warmup, I had this strange and unSydney-like desire to go to the rec center right away.

But because of the play, I've had zero time to do so. 

Next week, I'm getting serious. I want to get stronger and build up stamina.
I'm not doing this so that the numbers on the scale or inside my dresses will go down, but because I want to be able to row for a kilometer without stopping or wear shorts to class. This is for me to feel good and to be more confident. 

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