Lana Love

For a really really long time, the only type of music I'd listen to was country. When I started driving, I realized that I was seriously limiting myself. There was only one modern country station on satellite radio, and I had four other presets to decide on. I mentioned last summer in this post that I've got a wider range of musical tastes now.

One of my favorite singers for a really long time was Taylor Swift; she's pretty much goody-two-shoes, girl-next-door, sweet-as-pie, wholesome happy music. There's nothing wrong with that, either, except it's basically the complete opposite of what this post is about.

I started listening to Lana Del Rey at the end of spring semester after some of my friends went see her in concert (around the same time I decided that I needed to become more open minded). 
Originally, I only liked her because she had that song in The Great Gatsby movie and she's really pretty. Her style is absolutely fab and I love the vintage vibe she's got going on; I'm always trying to recreate her hairstyles and makeup. 

I've been listening to her Born to Die and Paradise albums on Spotify a lot and I was really excited for the Ultraviolence release today. At first her music made me feel a little melancholy, but now I like listening to her when I'm getting ready to go out or when I'm driving with the windows down on sunny days (and on long plane rides). Her songs are a little dark (and slightly explicit) at first, but I got over my initial shock.

I can't approve of some of the themes (drug use should not be glamorized; I guess we have to let that one slide), but listening to her just makes me feel sassy.

Will you be listening to Ultraviolence until you learn all the words, too? 


  1. Love Lana! I have the same country addiction problem too, though. I found your blog off of your comment on College Prepster and kind of have been stalking you all morning.. hahahahah whoops!

    -Ashlee at Preperella

  2. I've heard a few of Lanas songs and I always liked them, so I'm sure I would love her CD.

  3. Lana is one of my favorite artists now. I love how her songs all seem to have a story behind them (a very mysterious and vague story, but I guess that's part of the appeal). Also, she has such an impressive range and ethereal voice.


    Another Beautiful Thing