England Envy

Two of my sorority sisters are studying abroad in England this summer, and I'm feeling like a bit of a green monster…

I mean, it's basically a magical land full of wild flowers, fairies, and real princes and a princess! What's not to love?

They went through the honors program at our school, and I'm practically counting down the days until next July when I can go! I wonder if crossing the pond will turn me into a model/star photographer like these two have been over the last month. I had the hardest time picking my favorite pictures, so prepare yourself for a bit of a photo-overload (don't worry, I got their permission before posting these ;)

They were absolutely adorable twinning in their Phi Mu tanks in front of Stonehenge! 

To be quite honest, I have no idea where any of these places are, but aren't they all absolutely gorgeous?? 

And those two are basically top models… Someone get Tyra on the phone! 

I'm already planning for  next summer! I can already taste the tea! 

Have you ever been/studied abroad? 

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  1. Ugh I would be so jealous too! Those quaint houses! The hedge door! At least you'll have the chance to have your English adventure in the future hopefully.

    Another Beautiful Thing