Food for the Journey

I know I talk about a lot of things on this blog: school, stress, food, coffee, and my sorority are all favorite topics of conversation. I love New York City and the north in general and I'm also a big fan of just plain traveling.

But surprisingly enough, there's something that I love more than all of my other favorite things, but I don't really talk about that as much. 

Right now I'm talking about God. 

How sad is it that sometimes I think of coffee more than Him? I made a personal goal of trying to work on our relationship this year, and so far, that's the worst resolution-progress I've made. 

I stumbled upon this Tumblr account tonight and it helped me put a few things into perspective. 

In fact, this particular phrase just had me full of emotions and I'm still not 100% sure why or even which emotions they were. Regardless, I'm sharing anyway. 

I hope you all have a lovely day! 

P. S. Sorry if this post looks all wonky. I'm blogging from my phone tonight! 

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