Annual Valentine's Freak Out

Valentine's Day is almost a week today and it's about time for my Annual Valentine's Freak Out. 

They vary a little from year to year, and this is how this year's is going: 

"Oh, it's February! I'm going to wear lots of pink this month!" 

"Lol, I've been single my whole life, what would I even want a boyfriend for? I hate sharing the covers and I can buy my own candy..."

*later at the grocery store* 
"Ohh, are those the Hershey kisses "hugs"?? Those are the best! Better pick up some conversation hearts, too, because I can only have them once a year."

*As Valentine's Day approaches* 
"I'm just going to watch cheesy romantic comedies because they make my heart happy and this is a holiday about happy hearts, right? 

Why don't we watch You've Got Mail (my favorite!), The Notebook (classic!), Breakfast at Tiffany's (my other favorite!)? 

*Watches more and more sappy movies*
"Staying determined not to become depressed."

"Okay, maybe it would be a little fun to have someone to go to coffee with or to maybe get dinner or something."

*Finds way onto Tinder* 
Matches with a ton of cute guys, and then somehow has four different ones "unmatch" me after short conversation. 

"Now there's no way all of those guys accidentally unmatched me... This is probably the same reason I haven't had a date in so long... That guy randomly stopped talking to me, too... Oh goodness, this must mean it's me. There's something wrong with me...

"I hate cats and dogs smell, I can't stay single forever. Everyone else is going to be getting married soon and I won't even have a date to bring to the weddings."

So now as I sit here babysitting a painful distance away from my journal while waiting for Tinder notifications, I'm just blogging away my troubles (or at least trying to). 

I've decided to buy myself flowers (and possibly sushi), and then I'll probably hang out with some sorority sisters (and stay off Tinder until this holiday blows over). 

Who knows, I might even take Kate Spade's advice and find a handsome stranger to flirt with;)

Here's to hoping you aren't having a Valentine's Freak Out, too. 

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