Dream Jobs

Do you ever have dark days where you question everything you thought you wanted or plan for? 
I picked business administration as my major by process of elimination. Physics bores me, medicine makes me queasy, teachers don't make enough money, and artists, more often than not, make even less. 
But when I sit through my Business 101 class, I question my decision. And when I think about going to law school after college, I get depressed. I feel a little stuck. 

So in no particular order, the list I brainstormed while my professor was telling us all about supply and demand: 

Sydney's Dream Jobs!

  • Librarian in the Children's Department at the New York Public Library 
  • Social media representative for a company. 
  • Doll hairstylist at the American Girl Place, NYC
  • Child wrangler at a broadway musical
  • Journalist to review broadway shows and interview the stars
  • Nanny to adorable, well-manored children of the Upper East Side
  • Cupcake froster at Georgetown Cupcake Soho or Magnolia Bakery
  • Ice-cream flavor developer/tester
  • Non-profit company owner to benefit childhood cancer research
  • Best-selling children's book author
  • Best-selling cookbook author
  • Flight attendant on private planes for celebrities (do they even have flight attendants?)
  • Motivational speaker 
  • Worker in the Kate Spade offices
  • Someone who works with national Phi Mu 

Reading through this list makes me question why I'm on a pre-law track right now. I'll probably switch my major to something like marketing or PR and minor in English before it's all said and done... But on a happy note, I just made a 100% on my first calculus test of college. At least a high GPA will help me eventually get a real job.

My career day outfit from senior week in high school: a baking senator. It made for a cute outfit, but the likelihood of making a real career as a US senator in D.C. and a bakery owner... probably not going to happen.