I've been anxiously awaiting the release of Taylor Swift's newest album, 1989, and yesterday was finally the day to pick it up from Target (I had to get the deluxe version, obviously). 

After listening to a few of the songs, I was inspired to stop and pick up red lipstick, too.

Even though this album is quite different than her earlier ones, I was definitely NOT disappointed by it. I've been a Taylor Swift fan f o r e v e r (since 6th grade, same thing right?), and I've been to five of her concerts. My friends and I spent so many sleepovers dreaming up plans to meet her when we were in high school. 

As for 1989, I'm loving pretty much all of it. Some of my favorite songs: Blank Space, Style, Bad Blood, and two of the bonus tracks New Romantics and You Are In Love. 

(I actually got really emotional listening to You Are In Love, like big happy tears while driving. It's Lena Dunham's wedding song which makes it even more amazing, if that's even possible. "One night, he wakes Strange look on his face. Pauses, then says You're my best friend" I. Died.) 

Of course I realize not everyone is a Swiftie, but I think the haters should give this new album a chance. It's so different from anything she's ever done. I love that you can tell in her lyrics how at peace she is with her life right now. She's not really angry with any ex-lovers, or sad about anything. It's like she's finally realized she can just be single and happy in New York City (living my dream). 


P.S. Please enjoy this picture from my 2nd TSwift concert (that one time she actually touched my hand!) and the last time I wore these cowboy boots. 
circa 2010

Books I Can't Wait to Read

I'm anxiously awaiting winter break, not only because school work keeps piling up, but because I felt like I haven't read for fun in so long! 

I'm in a Harry Potter literature class right now, and even though I love the series, I almost always find a reason to put it off when reading is required . I'm doing really well in the class, though, so I guess reading through them almost every Christmas break since the fifth grade was a good idea. 

I know I'll be spending Thanksgiving week studying for finals, but when December rolls around, I'll be in my happy place. 

Bonus Books that didn't make the graphic: 

I'm counting down the days until I'll be able to spend whole days curled up in my window seat reading with big cups of cappuccino or cocoa!

Are there any other books I should add to my list? 

Fall Wishlist

With my birthday money stashed safely in my savings account, the chances of me having any of these by winter break are slim to none… But a girl can still dream, right? 

The purses can both be (tastefully) monogrammed, and that doesn't soften the blow at all. 

Santa? Are you reading? 

Rowing Update

It's been over full month since the Nicholls State University rowing club was officially established, and we're finally getting into the swing of things! 

Waking up for morning practice is definitely the hardest part (although getting other people there is a close second). But 6:30 am practices mean sunrises… really beautiful ones. 

Hopefully we'll have enough people that stick with it to get one of our old 8s out on the water.

Sometimes I worry that all of my time might just be for nothing, but I'm working to push all those doubts far out of my mind. My glasses aren't completely rose-colored, though, and I know we might not even be ready for the spring season since we're only practicing twice a week… hopefully we'll be able to have a friendly regatta with Tulane, LSU or Northwestern in the spring. 

Some of our most dedicated members! 

Even though the blog posts have been fewer and farther between, I'm trying my best to get back into a blogging routine. I think blogging might be an actual stress reliever for me.

The weather's finally getting cool enough to row in long sleeves! :)

I can't wait to see where the Colonel Crew ends up, but I'm sure it's going to be a fun ride!


October has always been my favorite month. It's when the weather finally starts to crisp up, when pumpkin spice takes over the world, and when my birthday falls. I'm almost always in a good mood for the entire month.

This year, though, October has been a little different. I think it's had something to do with the particular birthday milestone I've just hit.

Last Friday I turned twenty years old.

I know, I know. I've still got plenty of growing up to do before I start paying my own bills and getting a big girl job, but I still spent a good week mourning the loss of my teenage years.

I kept thinking of all the things I still hadn't done (like my failed 20 before 20 list), and I was really sad.

But then I realized that just because I hadn't experienced certain things yet, there wasn't anything wrong with that. I've still got plenty of time.

I'm another year closer to buying my own alcohol and to getting a big-girl job. Even though I'm feeling a bit buried under required reading and studying, I'm finally starting to think this next year will actually be a great one!

So with that said, I'll try to update the blog a little more often. I'm sure there will be plenty of excitement in the coming year!