On My Bookshelf

I've always been an avid reader (I cried on the first day of pre-school when I didn't learn how to read), and I've read some really good books this summer. 

It's set in New York and quite funny. Highly recommend.  

She's one of my favorite authors. This one had a tie-in story that took place during the Holocaust and Night by Elie Wiesel was one of my favorite school-required books. I got emotional reading it, but good books will do that to you. 

I loved the Great Gatsby (book & movie), this one helped me get over my post-Gatsby depression. 

I think reading children's books from time to time is perfectly acceptable. I'm not usually a huge science-fiction fan (except for Harry Potter), but this one was so well written. I felt what the characters felt the whole time, and that's what should happen when you read a properly written book. 

My guilty pleasure books. I've read almost the whole series this summer. I loved watching the TV show, and though it is different, I still love the New York vibe.  

I'm still reading this one, but it's really really good! When I was in New York, we saw the musical Wicked, and I fell in love with Elphie, Glinda, and Fiyero (along with musical theatre in general)! 

Did you read any good books this summer?

Summer Favorites

Summer is drawing to a close, and soon this fabulous summer will be a distant memory.
Unfortunately, here in the South, the summer heat won't be going away any time soon. It will probably stay in the 80s and 90s with 100% or so humidity well into September and October.

I've mentioned that this was a summer of adventure as well as relaxation, and here are some of my favorite things for you to store in the back of your mind (or your Pinterest page!) for next summer.
But, all of these goodies could definitely be used throughout the year, too! Why limit them to one season? 

Kindle. I've used my Kindle so much in the past few months! I found out that my library offers e-book rentals, and that was definitely a top-ten moment of my summer. (You can check here to see if your local library does, too!) I got mine a few years ago, and Amazon has updated them since, but you can buy new versions like this and they're probably even nicer than the one I have! I also love my Starry Night skin

Ray Bans. These sunnies were a gift for my mom that found their way into my Jeep and they've been there pretty much ever since. These are big and have a sort of vintage vibe, which I love! 

Instagram. I've "grammed" so much this summer. You can follow me if you'd like to see what I've been up to. 

Lifeproof Case. I wish I could have pretty iPhone cases like this one from Tory Burch or a fun sparkle case but my poor phone has been known to take tumbles. My lifeproof case has definitely saved the day on multiple occasions, although I'm scared to death to purposely put it under water. No mermaid pictures for this girl, but it was free of sand at the beach! And it comes in pink :)

Lipton Tea & Honey. I could never make myself like sweet iced tea. I've felt like I was missing a special southern gene or something for my whole life, but I could never stomach plain old sweet iced tea. Just the other day, though, my mom had a coupon and brought home these Dragonfruit Peach packets since she is a tea-drinker. I'm so glad I decided to try one! It's sweet and refreshing and only about 10 calories for a whole bottle. And fewer chemicals than my usual diet coke, which is a plus. 

Chaco Sandals. Every time wear these sandals, I feel like I'm gearing up for a great adventure even if I'm only going to the library. I usually wear mine with nike shorts and tank tops, my go-to summer errand-running outfit since it's too hot to wear anything else. They're super comfy and come in a bunch of fun color and strap combinations. 

Eos Lip Balm. I can't get enough! They smell so good and I don't lose these eggs like I usually lose tubes of lip balm. I've mostly used summer fruit but I also love lemon drop because it has SPF. 

What were some of your favorite things this summer?

College Wish List

So I've always been the nerd girl that gets super excited when school is about to start. This year is no exception. In fact, my pre-school impatience this year is probably the worst it's ever been. 

The end of August means a new place to call home (yay dorm life!), new friends (I'm hoping to join a sorority!), and a whole new routine! And what else could help prepare for a brand new life than fun new accessories?

Here's what I plan on picking up before school starts:

Monogrammed Rain Jacket - Sweet Sarahs

My countdown is on! 15 days, 16 hours, and 43 minutes until I can move into my new dorm, and then another three days before classes start!
I better order these soon!

What are some of your 'can't live without' back-to-school picks?