Back from Disney

Y'all, spring break was absolutely perfect! I couldn't have asked for a better time.

I was able to check off another item from my 20 Before 20:

15. Go on a trip with friends. 

I flew to Disney World with two friends to meet my big sis who is working there in the college program for the semester. We spent the whole week with her and had so much fun! We visited all the parks (for free because Katie rocks), did a ton of walking & eating, and had quite a few laughs.

As excited as I am to be back in my dorm and have my bed to myself, I'm practically drowning in all the school work and newspaper writing I've got to do.

Since I should really be writing a speech and two news articles right now, I'll leave y'all with some pictures from the trip!

Big/Little pictures in front of the castle! :)

Dole Pineapple Whips are my #1 Disney must-have!

There were plenty of breaks to "recharge" (both ourselves and our iPhones!) and rehydrate. 
I can't believe I'd never gotten a pair of sunglasses croakies before this trip. These from Lilly Pulitzer were so handy, since I hate wearing sunglasses on my head and stretching them out. (Mine are from Dillard's but it looks like they're sold out. I can only find them in this online boutique, now.)

Typical blogger picture with macarons… They're just so tasty and pretty (except for this banana flavored one… Not the tastiest of the box.) 
Have y'all seen the Instagram account YouDidNotEatThat? Sooo funny. Except I really did eat this whole box of macs… in one sitting. 

And when I got home, my new Eno hammock was waiting for me! 
Check out my Chaco tan lines…lol.

Springtime, Smiles, and the Sunshine State

Hello, lovelies!

Just a quick little post to wish you all a very Happy Easter (or just a happy spring-day if you aren't Christian)!

Easter egg hunt-ready! #lovemyjacks 

The weather is absolutely beautiful today, and I'm wishing I could somehow convince my father to take the hardtop off my Jeep so that I could drive around aimlessly, soaking up the sun.

Jamming to 90s pop would be a must. Plaid suit set optional. 

I'm already having a great spring break, and I'm over the moon about leaving for Disney World tomorrow! I cannot wait to see that cool mouse and my big sister! It's going to be the best week ever!

I'll be back with a full report next weekend! Until then, follow me on Instagram to keep up with our magical shenanigans!

Erin Condren Life Planner Review

I mentioned how much I loved my Erin Condren Life Planner at the beginning of the semester in this "Inside My Backpack" post. It's been three or so months, I'm back with a review! 

I absolutely love this planner. I used to be hard-core all-digital gal with my iCalendar on my Mac and iPad. Then I made a leap of faith. 

These days, I cannot even imagine going a week without my planner. It's so much easier to pull out and jot down a note, plus it's a teensy bit lighter than my iPad. I like to have it with me at all times, and an iPad can get a bit heavy in a Longchamp bag on your shoulder every day. 

I absolutely love that it's so pretty and personalized. That's what made me take the bait, but the inside is what really reeled me in! 

There are pages that show the full month…

… as well as pages for each week.

One of my favorite features of the entire planner is the fact that weeks are broken down into Morning, Day, and Night.

Since all of my classes are before 12, I just use the top line as a "school" section and organize everything else roughly around the times. I like that it isn't divided by time because you aren't tied down to specific time-slots.

I've taken to making daily to do lists on sticky notes. The weekly goals section is pretty great, too!

Another cool section is the blank and lined pages in the back. I use these for taking notes during newspaper interviews.

There's also this awesome pouch in the back (it comes with free personalized gift labels!). I like to keep sticky notes in there for my daily to do lists. The little folder is pretty cool, too!

Also, the section for birthdays and anniversaries, special contacts, and the yearly calendar are cool sections, too, but I felt like y'all would be bogged down with too many pictures.

If you're intrigued, you should check out the Erin Condren website, create your own account, and maybe start designing your own! And, since it's later in the year, they're on sale! 

*Note: This post was not sponsored by Erin Condren. All opinions are 100% my own, always*

Think Happy Thoughts

How do you keep your spirits up? 
Do you listen to happy music? Focus on the beauty in nature? Dress up? Surround yourself with friends? Read good books? Do whatever it is that you love? All of the above?

Me too! In fact, that's what I've been up to for the past few days and I'm proud to announce the following:
I've checked off another number from my 20 before 20 list! 

20. Actually dance like no one's watching at socials. 

I was really excited to check this one off since it was one that I thought I would just put off until never "forget about it."

I've already mentioned how I've had anxiety at socials. I'm not one to dance in front of people. Ever.
(Sorry for making you spend five years of our lives bringing me to dance class, Mom.)

Well, last night was different, in the perfect kind of way. I had absolutely zero cares about what I looked like or who was or wasn't watching. It turned out to be such a great night with friends.

I really think that it's because I went into it with the mindset that I was just going to have fun.

Ever since I wrote that 'Banish Negativity' post, I've been in such a great mood. I'm not taking credit for that all by myself, though.
While I do believe that you control your own emotions, the Lord's hand has definitely been in this.

Also, my friends have been absolute rock stars this week. They help me see the good in the world. It's in all of them. Every. Single. One.

It's because of my amazing sorority sisters that I was finally able to relax and just have fun. 

They're also the reasons I've really noticed this week just how beautiful nature is. I joked that I'll have more pictures of sunsets, rainbows, and blue skies on my phone than pictures of people if this mood is here to stay.

Here's to another fabulous week full of more sunshine, blue skies, and good company.

Now for for photo-highlights from last week! 
Therapeutic painting.


Just hanging out...

Cheesy selfies on an absolutely gorgeous Friday afternoon. Clover crowns optional.  

And my only photo evidence of the above-mentioned social! #DropItLikeItsYacht

To The High School Seniors

I can't believe that it's been almost a year since my high school graduation. They aren't kidding when they say time flies.

I'm writing today to share some advice for the seniors that will be graduating soon!

If you're anything like me, you've had a countdown going since before Christmas. Good news! The finish line is in view! You're *this* close to finishing the race!

I understand how completely exhilarating this time is and have a few tips for you.

ONE // Don't wish these last moments away.

I made the mistake of being so excited about college, that I zoned out of the final weeks of high school. You won't get these memories back. As exciting as the future is, don't forget that this is a time of celebration (and studying!). Yes, you've been with your friends for four years (or more!), and I'm sure some of them are tap dancing on your nerves, but, soon enough, you'll have a whole slew of new friends! You probably won't see most of your senior class again; chances are you'll forget at least one or two people's names by the time you finish your first year of college (#guilty).

TWO // Don't trash talk your school or classmates (and post about it on social media).

Quick story:
When I was in 8th or 9th grade (the details are blurry), the seniors had to do their final project or something and turn it in to the bishop (That's Catholic school for ya). One of the girls posted a picture of the bishop with a mustache or devil horns or something silly on her Myspace page. She (and most of the kids who 'liked' the picture) was suspended, ended up failing the class and losing her scholarship to Tulane.
So, please, don't think that just because you won't have to step foot in those classrooms again gives you the right to do stupid stuff. Don't trash talk your school, teachers, or faculty. Only a few weeks left, and then you'll never have to see them again!

THREE // Don't do anything dumb or give in to peer pressure.

We all (hopefully) know that drugs and alcohol aren't necessary to have fun.
Please, do not think that just because "everyone else is doing it," you need to go to those parties with alcohol. I know they have them everywhere, but it's an overall bad idea when you're still in high school (and far away from the legal drinking age, anyway).
I learned at the end of my senior year that just because there were wine coolers and beer pong, the people were still the same and the parties weren't that fun, anyway. (This goes for the prom after party, too! Please don't do anything silly that you'll regret!)
I promise that there will be plenty of time for parties like those in college. Pinky swear.

FOUR // Study for your finals.

Even if you already have a full-ride scholarship to your first-choice school, you need to finish strong! Don't just put it in cruise and "get through" those last few tests. If your grades fall drastically, your college could change its mind and revoke your scholarship, or worse, decide they don't want you at their school!

FIVE // Don't stress! 

I don't mean for this to be a contradiction, and yes, grades are important, but this is the best part of high school! It's time to have fun! Participate in dress up days, go to prom (even if you don't have a date!), just let loose! You deserve it! 

side note: do not get caught up about some high school boy (whoops, again, #guilty ). I know it sounds cheesy but there really are bigger and better fish in the sea. High school is like an aquarium and college is more like a lake. 

SIX // Enjoy graduation!

Walk across that stage with your head held high! Shake with your right hand, accept your diploma with your left! Smile because you've finally made it! Pick shoes that you can walk in, and practice. No one wants to be that girl that tripped at graduation, but I promise no one will remember if you do.
Don't let your nerves get in the way of this happy occasion!

If you've got to make a speech, practice practice practice! Check out this post about public speaking from Carly at College Prep!

P.S. No one cares if you're an outfit repeater! Wear whatever dress you feel comfortable in! One of my regrets from high school is my graduation dress (which is admittedly petty in the big scheme of things).

I hope everyone has a lovely graduation season, but keep in mind, especially if you're sad to be leaving high school: college is even better than you can imagine!