Springtime, Smiles, and the Sunshine State

Hello, lovelies!

Just a quick little post to wish you all a very Happy Easter (or just a happy spring-day if you aren't Christian)!

Easter egg hunt-ready! #lovemyjacks 

The weather is absolutely beautiful today, and I'm wishing I could somehow convince my father to take the hardtop off my Jeep so that I could drive around aimlessly, soaking up the sun.

Jamming to 90s pop would be a must. Plaid suit set optional. 

I'm already having a great spring break, and I'm over the moon about leaving for Disney World tomorrow! I cannot wait to see that cool mouse and my big sister! It's going to be the best week ever!

I'll be back with a full report next weekend! Until then, follow me on Instagram to keep up with our magical shenanigans!

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