Think Happy Thoughts

How do you keep your spirits up? 
Do you listen to happy music? Focus on the beauty in nature? Dress up? Surround yourself with friends? Read good books? Do whatever it is that you love? All of the above?

Me too! In fact, that's what I've been up to for the past few days and I'm proud to announce the following:
I've checked off another number from my 20 before 20 list! 

20. Actually dance like no one's watching at socials. 

I was really excited to check this one off since it was one that I thought I would just put off until never "forget about it."

I've already mentioned how I've had anxiety at socials. I'm not one to dance in front of people. Ever.
(Sorry for making you spend five years of our lives bringing me to dance class, Mom.)

Well, last night was different, in the perfect kind of way. I had absolutely zero cares about what I looked like or who was or wasn't watching. It turned out to be such a great night with friends.

I really think that it's because I went into it with the mindset that I was just going to have fun.

Ever since I wrote that 'Banish Negativity' post, I've been in such a great mood. I'm not taking credit for that all by myself, though.
While I do believe that you control your own emotions, the Lord's hand has definitely been in this.

Also, my friends have been absolute rock stars this week. They help me see the good in the world. It's in all of them. Every. Single. One.

It's because of my amazing sorority sisters that I was finally able to relax and just have fun. 

They're also the reasons I've really noticed this week just how beautiful nature is. I joked that I'll have more pictures of sunsets, rainbows, and blue skies on my phone than pictures of people if this mood is here to stay.

Here's to another fabulous week full of more sunshine, blue skies, and good company.

Now for for photo-highlights from last week! 
Therapeutic painting.


Just hanging out...

Cheesy selfies on an absolutely gorgeous Friday afternoon. Clover crowns optional.  

And my only photo evidence of the above-mentioned social! #DropItLikeItsYacht

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