Back from Disney

Y'all, spring break was absolutely perfect! I couldn't have asked for a better time.

I was able to check off another item from my 20 Before 20:

15. Go on a trip with friends. 

I flew to Disney World with two friends to meet my big sis who is working there in the college program for the semester. We spent the whole week with her and had so much fun! We visited all the parks (for free because Katie rocks), did a ton of walking & eating, and had quite a few laughs.

As excited as I am to be back in my dorm and have my bed to myself, I'm practically drowning in all the school work and newspaper writing I've got to do.

Since I should really be writing a speech and two news articles right now, I'll leave y'all with some pictures from the trip!

Big/Little pictures in front of the castle! :)

Dole Pineapple Whips are my #1 Disney must-have!

There were plenty of breaks to "recharge" (both ourselves and our iPhones!) and rehydrate. 
I can't believe I'd never gotten a pair of sunglasses croakies before this trip. These from Lilly Pulitzer were so handy, since I hate wearing sunglasses on my head and stretching them out. (Mine are from Dillard's but it looks like they're sold out. I can only find them in this online boutique, now.)

Typical blogger picture with macarons… They're just so tasty and pretty (except for this banana flavored one… Not the tastiest of the box.) 
Have y'all seen the Instagram account YouDidNotEatThat? Sooo funny. Except I really did eat this whole box of macs… in one sitting. 

And when I got home, my new Eno hammock was waiting for me! 
Check out my Chaco tan lines…lol.


  1. Disney is surprisingly fun as a college student!!

    1. I know! My sister in the college program never wants to leave!

      I'm so glad we went to Disney instead of the beach this year!