Memory Lane: Prom Edition

Last weekend, my Instagram feed was filled with high schoolers on their way to prom.

Lots of awesome up-dos, stellar makeup, pretty flowers, some beautiful and classy dresses (and some not-so-classy, yikes!)

My junior prom was definitely the better memory of my two prom experiences. 

I went with my best friend, who matched his bow tie to my dress perfectly. We went out to dinner at a fancy restaurant with friends, and then we danced the night away. 

I can't even remember how the prom-posal went (More than likely, he didn't even ask… I think we just assumed we were going together after 5+ other dances) and I don't remember the after party, either, but the dance was so much fun. 

Senior year wasn't as happy of a memory. 

My best friend (and date from almost all the other dances) was in Ohio with the the rest of the indoor percussion for a competition. I went to prom with a group of girls instead, but I was so ready to graduate, that I didn't even really want to be at the dance. 

I had gotten my dress altered at the last minute and wasn't happy about the fit, and I really didn't care for my hairstyle, either. But at least I looked happy in the pictures. 

I'm hoping to have a better experience in this white dress on Saturday for my sorority's formal. My dress fits better, I have beauty-guru sisters to help with my hair and makeup, and I just know it's going to be a great time! 

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