Inside My Carry-on Bag

Cape Cod and Nantucket are only one sleep away! (Well, technically two since the first night of the trip will be spent in Boston. One sleep until adventure!)

That means packing, second-guessing, unpacking, repacking, and over-packing until tomorrow afternoon.

"Inside My Bag" posts are some of my favorites to read (#NosyRosy) and write so I thought this trip would be another great opportunity for one.

Unplanned color coordination :)
I love my large navy Longchamp Le Pilage tote! I bought it in the fall and it's quickly become my favorite everyday bag. I can fit so much in here and don't have to worry about it falling apart; it's made to last. From school to the gym to work to travel, this bag is definitely an investment piece. Currently trying to talk myself out of buying a black one, too…

Book or Kindle & Journal
I'm still torn between my love of paper and my love of digital convenience. I picked up The Boys in the Boat from the library, but have a few extras on my Kindle (not pictured) just incase I finish it too quickly (Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and The Last Tycoon by Fitzgerald).

I've already written about how much I love journaling, especially when I'm traveling!

Phone & Charger
Does anyone else feel like their phone's constantly drained? My iPhone 4 is overdue for an upgrade but I'm trying to hold out for the iPhone 6 (Fall 2014, fingers crossed) with hopes that battery life will be improved. For now, I use this portable charger from J.Crew (Mine's been discontinued, but this one is similar).

Eyeglasses & Sunnies
My glasses are Warby Parker (Ainsworth in Walnut Tortoise) and my sunnies are Raybans (Retro-Cat in Black)

This is an older Coach wallet, probably from Marshalls. (similar & similar)

Red Vines
My favorite summer-travel-snack! Doesn't everybody have one?

Essentials Clutch
I found this adorable little clutch in the France gift shop at Epcot in Disney World. It makes the perfect just-incase bag!

It's actually a lot bigger than it looks!

It's filled with:
gum (only for the plane ride - I hate smacking)
an extra hairband
nail polish for touch-ups
a pillbox (with Ibuprofen and Midol)
chapstick (EOS is the best!)
contact case & solution

I can't wait until tomorrow! I'll be back next week to share all about my trip.

What are some of your travel necessities? 

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