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Banish Negativity

Don't you just hate when you don't feel like yourself?

It's such a funny thing to think about, really. I mean, you're still you. Same name and eye color and everything, yet somehow it seems like you're watching yourself from someone else's point of view. An out-of-body experience, if you will.

I've been in a bit of a funk for the past few days. Stressed from school, the newspaper, sorority stuff, and a few other things that are piling up.

Last night, I was presented with what I thought would be the perfect opportunity to calm down and hang out with some friends at a party (the fact that it was a Tuesday night and so unusually spontaneous should've put me on my guard). It was supposed to be fun.

Instead, I found myself in a really bad place (Very unlike the good place I bragged about two weeks ago). I was feeling so anxious, extremely self-conscious, and very confused.

My new computer background. 
I've really gotten better about not comparing myself to others since last year. I'm typically the kind of girl who takes special note of the background in "the big picture." I try to keep mantras like "everyone is different and everyone is beautiful" or "No one is worthless" going in my head.

All of a sudden, though, in that moment, all of my friends were prettier than me. They were skinnier than me, and just more fun to be around than I was. They could dance better and didn't care about any of the other eyes in the room. In that moment, I desperately wanted to just be like them, but all I could see were our differences. I kept thinking, "This was a mistake. I shouldn't be here. I don't belong. Certainly, they don't want me here. Look how much fun they're having, and look at me, one step shy of a breakdown over here by the pool table."

Our own minds can be our biggest enemies and our dreariest jail cells.

And at times like these when all that is just the tip of the iceberg, one of the only ways I know how to deal with these situations are heart-to-hearts with my best friends.

In my opinion, one of the best qualities in a person is "good listener." In the this touch screen digital age, sometimes we forget about the power in face-to-face communication. There's definitely a healing power in company and conversation.

I was able to talk with one of my best friends after the party, and she gave me some advice that really worked for me. She told me to go to night prayer at my church and pray about it.

I did just that and heard exactly what I needed to hear from the Lord.

Matthew 6:25-34 

How do you deal with anxiety and worries? 

Over And Over Again Movies

Obviously I'm deep in procrastination mode. I'd much rather be watching movies than studying for my two midterms tomorrow. Over the weekend I watched The Princess Diaries (twice), which sparked the idea for this post.

There are certain movies that I can watch over and over again without ever getting bored or tired of them. I only have a few DVDs in my collection (numbers 7, 8, and 9 if you're curious). I watch the rest via Amazon Instant, Netflix, or live TV (isn't it the most exciting when you're flipping through the channels and your favorite movie is on?).

1. Audrey Hepburn Movies
Breakfast at Tiffany's, Funny Face, Roman Holiday, Paris When it Sizzles, and My Fair Lady are my favorites. 

2. Clueless
This movie totally makes me want to trade in my silver Jeep for a retro white one. My roommate's currently trying to develop an app that works like Cher's virtual closet.

3. The Princess Diaries
I am pre-princess Mia Thermopolis. Plain and simple. 

4. Sixteen Candles / The Breakfast Club
These movies sometimes make me miss high school, which is super strange. I remember being so depressed when I found out Anthony Michael Hall actually grew up and wasn't like Peter Pan. See my reaction in this oldie from my Instagram archives. 

5. You've Got Mail
Set in New York. About a girl who loves books. Romance and a happy ending. What's not to love?

6. Never Been Kissed
Basically my life in a movie title. And Drew Barrymore's character plays an amazing investigative journalist? Again, what's not to love?

7. The Lizzie McGuire Movie
I've watched this movie so many times, I can sing every song! (Maybe it's because I had the soundtrack too?) Hillary Duff was my girl in the early 2000s. I remember going see this in theaters with my mom and she called Paolo's bull as soon as he opened his mouth. My first glimpse at my mom's amazing ability of reading people. 

8. The Parent Trap
After watching this movie, I never lost hope of finding my long-lost twin. Not after I realized that my parents were happily married. Not even after I accidentally watched my birth on a home-movie VHS tape (why do parents video that??). Not even after I realized I'm too old to go away to summer camp. 
Just kidding. But wouldn't having a twin be awesome? Plus, pre-problematic Lindsay Lohan! 

9. 27 Dresses
Four words: BBB-BB-B-Benny and the Jetts! 

10. The Harry Potter Series
No lie, I've watched each of these at least five or six times. The first one will forever be my favorite. I have the hardcover books in a special edition trunk, too! I can't wait until they do the spin-off series movie! 

Songfest 2014

I've finally caught up on my sleep from the crazy, exciting, and stressful extravaganza that was my first Greek Week. 

Besides falling in the middle of most people's Midterm Season (we don't officially have midterms at Nicholls), the late night Songfest practices leading up to the big performance had taken a toll on me. 

Songfest is a big competition between all the Greeks on campus. The National Panhellenic Conference. or NPC sororities compete against each other and the same goes for the IFC fraternities. 

We put together a skit complete with singing, awesome dance numbers, and clever dialogue. Of course my opinion is biased, but I think Phi Mu's was the best (even if the judges didn't quite agree). 

We had these rockin glitter stars on our faces! 
Our story went like this:
Disney wants to branch out and create a new genre, College Princesses! Mickey Mouse invites some of the original princesses back to Nicholls and asks them to share some of their favorite memories from college. 
Belle was the studious type, Cinderella was the party girl, Ariel loved spring break, and Snow White hated how small the dorm rooms were for eight people. 
Throw in some fun dance numbers, combining a little bit of jazz with hip hop and you'll have our songfest! 

Also, I'm still washing the glitter off two days later… But I had such a great time!!

They other sweet Sydney/Cydney/Cindi 's in my pledge class!

You can see the video here^^

Closing the Curtain on The Crucible

Yesterday marked the last performance of the Nicholls Players' run of The Crucible. 

Aside from the late nights, full/overflowing schedule, and exhaustion I've suffered from last week, I guess I really did enjoy/appreciate my first backstage crew experience.

I've had the opportunity to watch some incredibly talented people perform every night, and I'm definitely taking notes for my next audition.

I've also decided that I may start wearing all black more often (#instantlyslimmer).

A Blurry Final Curtain Call (after a mad dash to the other side of the theater!)

But now that I'm moderately free (if I ignore Greek Week and all our last minute touch ups for Songfest! Can't wait to share that with y'all this weekend!), I'll have more time to work on rowing, and specifically, starting the Nicholls Rowing Club!

I cannot wait!

Also, I've decided that I'm officially training for the 2020 Olympics. You lucky readers will be able to say, "I was the first to see Sydney fall in love with the sport," as I gracefully cross the finish line and graciously accept my gold medal!

Don't say I didn't warn you; this is going to be an adventure!

P.S. Happy St. Patrick's Day! 
I celebrated with Twinings Irish Breakfast Tea this afternoon! 


Now I'm going to preface this with the following: I am in a good place with my body right now. I've had some issues in the past with body image, confidence, and numbers on the scale.

If you've got issues with any of those things too, please check out Loving Imperfection, an awesome blog by the beautiful McCall Dempsey, who has overcome an eating disorder and has the best advice on loving yourself.

Her Southern Smash project seriously changed my life. 

I've never actually been in the best shape. I would not consider myself sporty or even all that strong.
I enjoy reading, blogging, and other things that are about as far away from exercise on the activity spectrum. Although I've done dance, gymnastics, softball, volleyball, color guard, golf, and swim team at different points in my life, sports and movement have never really been at the top of my list. 

There have been two major factors of inspiration for this new mindset.  

The first one is rowing
I've fallen in love with this sport unlike any other. Single sculling is my favorite because you determine how fast and how far you go. No muscles + wind and a little current? You might be stuck in the bayou for a while until you can get yourself back to the dock. 
Inspirational Woman of the Moment: Genevra "Gevvie" Stone: one of the Single Scullers on the Olympic team! She competed in the London games in 2012! 

My second source of inspiration came from an unexpected place. 

Earlier this week, I had to interview some of the girls from the soccer team for the newspaper. I probably would have never met them without the interview and they were all so sweet! I really am loving this job!
Those girls were in seriously good shape, though. They run around for hours and lift weights and do drills and it isn't even soccer season! 
After I interviewed their coach, who was drenched in sweat after a warmup, I had this strange and unSydney-like desire to go to the rec center right away.

But because of the play, I've had zero time to do so. 

Next week, I'm getting serious. I want to get stronger and build up stamina.
I'm not doing this so that the numbers on the scale or inside my dresses will go down, but because I want to be able to row for a kilometer without stopping or wear shorts to class. This is for me to feel good and to be more confident. 

Bewitching Days Ahead + A Playlist

I've been fairly quiet these past few days because I'm currently writing backstage during final rehearsals of the Nicholls Players' presentation of Arthur Miller's The Crucible.

We open this weekend and I'm super excited! Unfortunately, I didn't get cast in the play but decided that I still wanted to work backstage; I really do love theater and the arts.
(These late nights are killing me, though)

Since I've got a lot of downtime after moving set pieces between acts, I decided to make this playlist of songs that just seemed to go along with the witch-trials theme.

Forgive me if this is a bit random, but all of these songs make me think of magic and witches.

Of course I had to include some tunes from Wicked! You just can't think witches without thinking of Elphie and Glinda! 

I hope you're happy… with this playlist! (teeheehee)

p.p.s. If you're in the Thibodaux area this weekend, you should definitely come and see the play! It's going to be great! Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 7pm and Sunday at 2pm. :)

A Memorable (miserable) Mardi Gras

Well folks, yesterday was one of the highlights of Louisiana culture, and I for one, am certainly glad its over.

This Mardi Gras was one of the coldest, dreariest days in my memory.

It also didn't help that I was at home having a Cold War with my parents.

The details:
Over the last few years, I've developed this idea that I would absolutely love to live and work in New York City. My NYC pin-board on Pinterest gets me through some of my worst days.

I was talking with my roommate last week and she asked why I didn't see about interning in the city over the summer. Ding ding ding! What a great idea! So I spent the weekend writing my resume and cover letter and searching for the perfect internship.

I believe that I've found said perfect internship. It's a 10-week program and I'd be taking a class and have an internship, while staying in one of the dorms in Manhattan.

Sounds too good to be true? Well the major drawback is the hefty price tag that goes along with it. I haven't done all the math, but a rough estimate including tuition, housing, grocery money, airfare, and spending money is around a whopping $10,000 for the two-month journey that may very well change my life. My new job at the newspaper won't even put a dent in that.

And I have to decide by the end of the week since they're extending the deadline for me.

Would you please say a prayer that everything works out for the best? 
(and by best, I mean, that I can go ;)

My dad said "no" and refuses to listen to the voice of reason. Now everything New York related is a jab to the heart. :'(

My parents haven't agreed to let me go, but did let me submit the application and agreed to have an answer two weeks from now! There is hope! :)

Northern State of Mind

It's no secret that I have a bit of an obsession with the north, specifically the north east.

I absolutely love Sarah Vickers' blog, Classy Girls Wear Pearls, and I'm constantly looking at her and KJP's Instagram accounts. (They're so beautiful!) 

I also love the idea of polo matches, vacationing in Nantucket, and living inside the Vineyard Vines catalogue.

My obsession has reached an all-time high, and I've started acting like *somewhat* of a Northerner.

I'm aware this is not the world's most attractive picture.
To turn and smile is to risk flipping the boat. 
I've taken up rowing. Not kayaking, canoeing, or pirogue-ing. This is olympic-style rowing!

They've had a club two miles from my house for almost ten years, but I've finally had enough free time to try it! 

I've been on Row2k in most of my spare time, and I've looked up almost all of the female rowers on the olympic team, as well as almost all the collegiate teams!

(That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but believe me, I've looked up a lot of stats.)

I'm working on getting some of my sorority sisters into it, too, so that we can start a club team at Nicholls! 

Their first time rowing! (No we didn't actually let go of their oars from the dock)

I've only been rowing for about 4 weeks, but I'm in love with it! The single is my favorite, but I like the double, too. I'm not a huge fan of the four because then you have to depend on three other people to keep the boat balanced #trustissues.

Also, the newest place I'm wander-lusting after: Boston for the Head of the Charles Regatta. I cannot wait! When I finish saving for spring break, #BostonFund will officially start! 

If anyone knows of summer rowing camps for college-age students who aren't competitive, please let me know! I've been searching the internet and can find nothing!