Songfest 2014

I've finally caught up on my sleep from the crazy, exciting, and stressful extravaganza that was my first Greek Week. 

Besides falling in the middle of most people's Midterm Season (we don't officially have midterms at Nicholls), the late night Songfest practices leading up to the big performance had taken a toll on me. 

Songfest is a big competition between all the Greeks on campus. The National Panhellenic Conference. or NPC sororities compete against each other and the same goes for the IFC fraternities. 

We put together a skit complete with singing, awesome dance numbers, and clever dialogue. Of course my opinion is biased, but I think Phi Mu's was the best (even if the judges didn't quite agree). 

We had these rockin glitter stars on our faces! 
Our story went like this:
Disney wants to branch out and create a new genre, College Princesses! Mickey Mouse invites some of the original princesses back to Nicholls and asks them to share some of their favorite memories from college. 
Belle was the studious type, Cinderella was the party girl, Ariel loved spring break, and Snow White hated how small the dorm rooms were for eight people. 
Throw in some fun dance numbers, combining a little bit of jazz with hip hop and you'll have our songfest! 

Also, I'm still washing the glitter off two days later… But I had such a great time!!

They other sweet Sydney/Cydney/Cindi 's in my pledge class!

You can see the video here^^

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