Over And Over Again Movies

Obviously I'm deep in procrastination mode. I'd much rather be watching movies than studying for my two midterms tomorrow. Over the weekend I watched The Princess Diaries (twice), which sparked the idea for this post.

There are certain movies that I can watch over and over again without ever getting bored or tired of them. I only have a few DVDs in my collection (numbers 7, 8, and 9 if you're curious). I watch the rest via Amazon Instant, Netflix, or live TV (isn't it the most exciting when you're flipping through the channels and your favorite movie is on?).

1. Audrey Hepburn Movies
Breakfast at Tiffany's, Funny Face, Roman Holiday, Paris When it Sizzles, and My Fair Lady are my favorites. 

2. Clueless
This movie totally makes me want to trade in my silver Jeep for a retro white one. My roommate's currently trying to develop an app that works like Cher's virtual closet.

3. The Princess Diaries
I am pre-princess Mia Thermopolis. Plain and simple. 

4. Sixteen Candles / The Breakfast Club
These movies sometimes make me miss high school, which is super strange. I remember being so depressed when I found out Anthony Michael Hall actually grew up and wasn't like Peter Pan. See my reaction in this oldie from my Instagram archives. 

5. You've Got Mail
Set in New York. About a girl who loves books. Romance and a happy ending. What's not to love?

6. Never Been Kissed
Basically my life in a movie title. And Drew Barrymore's character plays an amazing investigative journalist? Again, what's not to love?

7. The Lizzie McGuire Movie
I've watched this movie so many times, I can sing every song! (Maybe it's because I had the soundtrack too?) Hillary Duff was my girl in the early 2000s. I remember going see this in theaters with my mom and she called Paolo's bull as soon as he opened his mouth. My first glimpse at my mom's amazing ability of reading people. 

8. The Parent Trap
After watching this movie, I never lost hope of finding my long-lost twin. Not after I realized that my parents were happily married. Not even after I accidentally watched my birth on a home-movie VHS tape (why do parents video that??). Not even after I realized I'm too old to go away to summer camp. 
Just kidding. But wouldn't having a twin be awesome? Plus, pre-problematic Lindsay Lohan! 

9. 27 Dresses
Four words: BBB-BB-B-Benny and the Jetts! 

10. The Harry Potter Series
No lie, I've watched each of these at least five or six times. The first one will forever be my favorite. I have the hardcover books in a special edition trunk, too! I can't wait until they do the spin-off series movie! 

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