Future Office Inspiration

In case this post didn't give it away, I'm pretty excited about starting my new job! I'll be clerking with an awesome judge in my hometown, but I have a bit of time before I can start. I had originally planned on taking a little (socially distant) trip after the bar exam, but Louisiana's test was canceled at the last minute (12 days before) and then officially changed to a "diploma privilege." So even though a lot has changed, my original start date stayed the same and I'm still shopping for my desk instead of researching court cases. 

This little collage came together when I stumbled upon this tissue box cover on Etsy. I created a Pinterest board and it spiraled into lists of things I wanted to have at the office, so I thought I'd share it here! 

  • Diploma Frame -- I'm thinking of sending my diplomas and bar certificate to Framebridge so that they match perfectly.
  • Snake Plant -- aka "mother-in-law's tongue" is supposed to be great for filtering the air in my little office. 
  • Lamp -- I know there will be overhead light, but desktop lamps make things feel cozier. The lamp in my image was sold out, so I linked a similar one!
  • Tissue Box Cover -- This is the only thing on the list I've actually already purchased, but I love the little blue herons!
  • Candle -- The Greenhouse scent is from Magnolia Market to remind me of our trip last summer
  • Wireless Charging Tray -- This seems like a frivolous purchase, but I'm sure I'd use it often!
  • Yeti Mug -- To keep my coffee and tea warm all day.
  • Desk Organizer Set (such a pretty blue color!)
  • Picture Frame -- I'm planning to frame my first needlepoint project (an LSU pennant from this Etsy shop) to remind me of my COVID graduation. 
  • Gray Malin Print -- I love the idea of having a beautiful print of this iconic golf course to remind me of happy times when I'm stressed about work. 
  • Heron Print -- I love Audubon style prints, but this one looks pretty and budget-friendly!

Ten Things I Bought While Quarantined

Don't tell my mom that I'm making this post... I told her I've been doing a good job at reigning in my spending lately. It's been (unsurprisingly) very tough considering how much time I'm spending on my computer for school. We've officially been out of the physical classrooms for four weeks and there are only two weeks until finals! Even with graduation postponed until August (potentially), it's still very exciting to be so close to the finish line and tough to resist the "treat yo'self" attitude.

So without further ado, a list of the items I've treated myself with while being stuck at home!

1. Yoga blocks (sold separately!)
2. Pilates exercise ball (perfect for virtual barre classes with my local studio Bayou Barre!)
3. Two-pound weights (sold separately!)
4. Dr. Teal's Lavender Epsom Salts
5. Easter Candy
6. Father of the Bride/ Father of the Bride 2 DVD 
7. Replacement battery for my (ancient) Kindle (not pictured)
8. Needlepoint pennant project + thread (another item from the same Etsy shop linked here!)
9. Joanna Gaines' newest book, Magnolia Table, Volume 2: A Collection of Recipes for Gathering (linked to one of my favorite independent bookstores... support local if you can!)
10. Lilly Pulitzer golf towel

Honorable mentions (I haven't purchased yet, but I'm so tempted):
- VCR tape player + converter to transfer all of our old home movies to digital
- An adorable Draper James pajama set
- Airpods
- A Peloton bike (I've been loving the app for yoga, HIIT, and strength classes!)

Share in the comments if you've also been online shopping while stuck at home!