Future Office Inspiration

In case this post didn't give it away, I'm pretty excited about starting my new job! I'll be clerking with an awesome judge in my hometown, but I have a bit of time before I can start. I had originally planned on taking a little (socially distant) trip after the bar exam, but Louisiana's test was canceled at the last minute (12 days before) and then officially changed to a "diploma privilege." So even though a lot has changed, my original start date stayed the same and I'm still shopping for my desk instead of researching court cases. 

This little collage came together when I stumbled upon this tissue box cover on Etsy. I created a Pinterest board and it spiraled into lists of things I wanted to have at the office, so I thought I'd share it here! 

  • Diploma Frame -- I'm thinking of sending my diplomas and bar certificate to Framebridge so that they match perfectly.
  • Snake Plant -- aka "mother-in-law's tongue" is supposed to be great for filtering the air in my little office. 
  • Lamp -- I know there will be overhead light, but desktop lamps make things feel cozier. The lamp in my image was sold out, so I linked a similar one!
  • Tissue Box Cover -- This is the only thing on the list I've actually already purchased, but I love the little blue herons!
  • Candle -- The Greenhouse scent is from Magnolia Market to remind me of our trip last summer
  • Wireless Charging Tray -- This seems like a frivolous purchase, but I'm sure I'd use it often!
  • Yeti Mug -- To keep my coffee and tea warm all day.
  • Desk Organizer Set (such a pretty blue color!)
  • Picture Frame -- I'm planning to frame my first needlepoint project (an LSU pennant from this Etsy shop) to remind me of my COVID graduation. 
  • Gray Malin Print -- I love the idea of having a beautiful print of this iconic golf course to remind me of happy times when I'm stressed about work. 
  • Heron Print -- I love Audubon style prints, but this one looks pretty and budget-friendly!

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