Pep-talks to Myself

It's Monday.

Finals are upon us.

I'm sitting in my post-formal disaster-area of a dorm room on a sheet-less bed, and all I can think about is the novel I'd be reading if I didn't have a headache from Hades.

I'll probably be sending an SOS out soon.

Right about now, I'm needing a pep-talk (and maybe an iced latte).

Naturally, I turned to Google because all of my friends are at the library being productive or something like that.

Here's what I found.

One // A Pep Talk from Kid President to You

My favorite line: We've got work to do. We can cry about it, or we can dance about it. 

Two // Ryan Gossling "Hey Girl" Memes

Thanks, Ryan. Love you. 
Images from here and here.

Shout out to Odeya Pinkus for writing such a fun article. I've never met you. I probably never will, but you put a smile on my face today, Odeya. Thank you. 

Picking my favorite line was tough, but these two gems made me chuckle. 

"On the topic of being prepared, there are things that you need to know as you embark on this journey. Know that you will see more pictures of textbooks on Instagram than you ever needed to. Know that just because someone tweeted about Starbucks coffee, it doesn’t mean that he or she is any more awake than you are."

“If you can dream it, you can do it,” Walt Disney famously said before jumping into his icy time capsule. (But don’t worry, he’ll be back.) Listen to the man whose company eventually kickstarted Britney Spears’ career. She can do it, and so can you.

I feel better already, don't you? 
Now to procrastinate a little more by cleaning my room, working out, more blogging, and then maybe I'll put a dent in this Fitzgerald novel! 
Wish me luck!

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