Summer Bucket List

In case you missed it, it's officially summer vacation!

I was so worried about being bored, that I lined up two jobs (one babysitting, one at the school newspaper). I'm all about making the most of this summer!

I put together this list of fun things I'd like to before school starts up again in the fall. Maybe you'll get some ideas for your summer adventures, too!

1. Dip my toes in the ocean. 
2. Ride around in the Jeep with the top down. 
3. Go for a bike ride. 
4. Build a sandcastle. 
5. Bake a cake.
6. Paint a picture.  
7. Read a book (or twenty). 
8. Eat an ice cream cone. 
9. Fishing. 
10. Swimming. 
11. Start a garden.
12. Do a puzzle.
13. Light fireworks with friends.
14. S'mores.
15. Barbecue.
16. Binge watch a TV show
17. Wear sunscreen every day.
18. Mini golf.
19. Bowling.
20. Make homemade ice cream.
21. Play in a rainstorm.
22. Golfing.
23. Watch a sunrise.
24. Visit friends.
25. Wash the Jeep.
26. Macarons (baking and eating!)
27. Library trips.
28. Shopping trips.
29. Journaling.
30. Try something new.

What's on your Summer Bucket List?

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