Erin Condren Life Planner Review

I mentioned how much I loved my Erin Condren Life Planner at the beginning of the semester in this "Inside My Backpack" post. It's been three or so months, I'm back with a review! 

I absolutely love this planner. I used to be hard-core all-digital gal with my iCalendar on my Mac and iPad. Then I made a leap of faith. 

These days, I cannot even imagine going a week without my planner. It's so much easier to pull out and jot down a note, plus it's a teensy bit lighter than my iPad. I like to have it with me at all times, and an iPad can get a bit heavy in a Longchamp bag on your shoulder every day. 

I absolutely love that it's so pretty and personalized. That's what made me take the bait, but the inside is what really reeled me in! 

There are pages that show the full month…

… as well as pages for each week.

One of my favorite features of the entire planner is the fact that weeks are broken down into Morning, Day, and Night.

Since all of my classes are before 12, I just use the top line as a "school" section and organize everything else roughly around the times. I like that it isn't divided by time because you aren't tied down to specific time-slots.

I've taken to making daily to do lists on sticky notes. The weekly goals section is pretty great, too!

Another cool section is the blank and lined pages in the back. I use these for taking notes during newspaper interviews.

There's also this awesome pouch in the back (it comes with free personalized gift labels!). I like to keep sticky notes in there for my daily to do lists. The little folder is pretty cool, too!

Also, the section for birthdays and anniversaries, special contacts, and the yearly calendar are cool sections, too, but I felt like y'all would be bogged down with too many pictures.

If you're intrigued, you should check out the Erin Condren website, create your own account, and maybe start designing your own! And, since it's later in the year, they're on sale! 

*Note: This post was not sponsored by Erin Condren. All opinions are 100% my own, always*

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