On My Bookshelf

I've always been an avid reader (I cried on the first day of pre-school when I didn't learn how to read), and I've read some really good books this summer. 

It's set in New York and quite funny. Highly recommend.  

She's one of my favorite authors. This one had a tie-in story that took place during the Holocaust and Night by Elie Wiesel was one of my favorite school-required books. I got emotional reading it, but good books will do that to you. 

I loved the Great Gatsby (book & movie), this one helped me get over my post-Gatsby depression. 

I think reading children's books from time to time is perfectly acceptable. I'm not usually a huge science-fiction fan (except for Harry Potter), but this one was so well written. I felt what the characters felt the whole time, and that's what should happen when you read a properly written book. 

My guilty pleasure books. I've read almost the whole series this summer. I loved watching the TV show, and though it is different, I still love the New York vibe.  

I'm still reading this one, but it's really really good! When I was in New York, we saw the musical Wicked, and I fell in love with Elphie, Glinda, and Fiyero (along with musical theatre in general)! 

Did you read any good books this summer?


  1. haha this is a little late, but if you havent read Wicked yet, be warned it is much much different/weirder than the musical. Like a lot. If have read it already, you can probably agree with me on that lol.

    1. I actually never finished reading it (sigh) before school started last fall! You're right though, it was quite different! But not in a terrible way!

  2. A Wrinkle in Time is my favorite! Anything by Madeline L'Engle is good! Also, if you haven't read Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia, they are super great and kind of similar, if a bit science-fictiony.