A Night with John Mayer!

It's the middle of finals week for me and I may or may not be going a little crazy with two finals tomorrow and two Tuesday (this post = #procrastinationstation). However, yesterday I took a study break entire day off from studying and went to New Orleans with my mom to see John Mayer in concert! 
We had such a good time! We spent most of the day shopping, had dinner at Acme Oyster House (yum!) and then made our way over to the New Orleans Arena for the show! 
And what a show it was!! Phillip Phillips opened and did an awesome job! I absolutely love the sort of folk/rock/pop combo thing he has going on. You should definitely take a second to check out some of his music (his two big hits are Gone, Gone, Gone, and Home)

As for Mr. Mayer, there was no doubt in my mind that he would put on a spectacular show. He didn't let me down. His guitar skills alone are incredible, and I loved every song he sang. 
Our seats were pretty decent, too. (The last concert I saw at the arena was Taylor Swift and our seats were terrible in the very back and at the tippy top) This time, we were in the first level off the floor and off to the side. 
I'm pretty sure it sounded just as good from where we were as it did in the front row, too ;)

I apologize for the less-than-sub-par pictures. I'm still mastering the art that is iPhone photography and I took mostly videos anyway. 
But pictures don't really do that stage justice anyway. There's no way to capture the way the lights all came together to make your feelings from the songs feel stronger. The images in the background of the night sky and the desert just added so much. I loved the hippie vibe and I think it really matched his two newest albums, but I was over the moon that he played so many of his oldies too! 

Here's a clip of a video I took of John singing Gravity (one of my absolute favorites!). Again, apologies for the terrible video quality. At least it sounds amazing :)

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