Christmas Card!

I've wanted a sibling for as long as I can remember. Sometimes I still wish that my parents would have a baby. Around the holidays, I especially envy the girls with big families and little kids around to get excited about Santa. 
I also get a little jealous about the fun Christmas card shoots that some families have *cough cough-College Prepster*

When I was a baby, my parents sent out cards with just me on them, and while it's cute when you're little, it would be pretty awkward to send a picture of just me at age 19. For the past few years, we've been sending a family photo card, but we didn't get around to taking one this year!  

I was pondering this situation yesterday and came up with the perfect solution to my dilemma! 
Yes, that is the same hair bow :)

I designed it myself with Adobe Photoshop Elements because I couldn't find a template on any photo card websites that worked with my vision. 

It still has the little baby cute factor along with the fun of a throwback! 
I couldn't be more excited with the final product! 
They're being addressed and sent off tomorrow! (Yes, I know it's sort of last minute. Welcome to my life.)

What do y'all think? Does anyone else send out fun holiday cards? Any other exciting holiday traditions?

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