An Explanation

I thought about titling this post "An Apology" because I'm so sorry that I haven't kept up with my blogging. Between my schoolwork, Phi Mu, and some personal issues, I've basically put the blog on the back burner for a while. However, after finals next week, I'll have around a month off and I'm sure a good bit of time for blogging! 

With that being said, I feel like y'all deserve a catch up session on what's been going on since the last time we "talked". 

So here it is, a review of the last two months (or so) in pictures!

Big milestone: I turned 19! (Thank goodness we're still a safe distance away from adulthood. Not quite sure I could handle it just yet.) I did, however, make a 20 before 20 list! More about that to come!
Surprised this cake didn't taste like smoke...

Early October was magical for me this year! Birthday Week fell on the same week as Big/Little Week, which made for a very happy Sydney! I resolved to try to live every week like it's Birthday Week.

*a brief summary of Big/Little Week for those of you unfamiliar with sorority life:
Active members of the sorority (Bigs) are each paired up with new members (Littles). They dedicate a whole week to showering their littles with gifts and clues, all the while keeping their identities secret until the big reveal*

My big gave the absolute best presents ever, and she did a really great job at keeping her identity hidden. My painted garbage can was the cutest one and she even baked me a cake on my birthday that looked like our mascot Sir Fidel the lion! When I think back to that week, I laugh because I was sooooo nervous about who she would be (Will she like me? Will I like her? Will we have anything in common? What if she's weird?) and we couldn't be more perfect for each other! I mean, we're almost the same person, except she's a culinary major! You can see all of my presents and clues from that week on my Instagram!

She couldn't make it to the reveal so she sent #KardboardKatie. 

My Monday nights are super duper crazy now that I'm in Phi Mu, though, because I'm still teaching religion classes at my church. It kills me that I'm going to have to stop after this year, but our classes and Phi Mu meetings conflict :( I have, no doubt, the cutest class ever, too. Fifteen third and fourth graders (small church makes for combined classes) and they always always always put a smile on my face.

My classes have been a little harder than I thought they would be, but I like to think I'm adjusting well. I've read those stories about Gen Y straight-A students getting to college and breaking down after their first C. (#dontsweatthesmallstuff) Despite a rogue C or two, I think I might be on the track to straight A's this semester, which is super exciting! I just wish professors would actually grade assignments in a timely manner. (*stepping onto soapbox* if I had to study and show up to class at a certain time and take tests in a certain amount of time, shouldn't they at least have my grades up to date online by Thanksgiving?? Finals are next week!!! *stepping off soapbox*)

 My highlight of the semester (and possibly a highlight of college completely) was definitely initiation! I was super nervous about this, too, but it was so great! (Unfortunately it's all very secretive and I can't really tell y'all what happened to make it so great, but take my word for it!)
Just after I initiated into Phi Mu! My big sis is right above me :)

 Even with a large amount of time spent studying (that business class is sooooo boring), I've managed to have a lot of fun, too! One of my favorite parts about college has been the socials put on by the fraternities and my sorority! I've always been a fan of dressing up! We've had two socials so far, and our semi-formal: Pink & Black (where we wear pink and black outfits or costumes! I was a 50s girl!) and Red, White, and Mu (patriotic and 'merica attire!), and Waking Up in Vegas themed semi formal ("get up and wipe the glitter off your clothes now" = excuse for sparkly dresses and glitter!)
The boys have had some super fun themes too, my favorites being Kappa Sigma's formal (who doesn't love dressing up super fancy?) and Sigma Alpha Epsilon's Thursday Night Fright on Halloween (some of my sisters and I dressed up like Disney princesses and we made tutus! I didn't get first pick and ended up being Mulan… Not exactly my twin, but chopsticks in my hair + silky kimono pajama shirt and it totally worked!)


So yep, that's been my life. My first semester of college is almost over, and I am honestly loving it! I couldn't have possibly known how amazing it would be, and I like to think I'm handling it well! Dorm life is actually a lot better for me than it is for most. My roommate turned out to be really sweet, but we stay out of each other's way. I've still got my privacy and I'm actually missing my dorm room this week. I've grown used to being alone whenever I feel like being alone and with my mom off of work this week, too, our big house seems more crowded and noisier than I'm used too. One thing that I did miss was baking! Holiday baking is my absolute favorite, and I've already whipped up some yummy pumpkin spice french macarons that are sure to be a hit at Thanksgiving dinner if they can make it that long! 

I've got a fool-proof french macaron recipe, too! Maybe I'll do a recipe post one day! What do you think?