DIY: Monogram Wallpaper via Photoshop

One of my more popular posts on my Tumblr was this picture of my laptop. I love monograms and I think Lilly Pulitzer prints are super fun and summery so this is perfect for my summer wallpaper!

I had lots of requests for a tutorial, so I made a video and posted it to YouTube! 
If you have Adobe Photoshop and want to try to make one of these, it's your lucky day!

Please excuse my voice and my mispronunciation of Lilly Pulitzer... 

If I'm not clear enough, or you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! 

And if you'd like for me to make a monogram wallpaper for you, I'd love to! Just comment below :)

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  1. Hey Sydney my name is kristin and I just seen ur post above about the lilly Pulitzer monogram could u please make me one for my new laptop for college? please it would be amazing :) if u make me one my monogram letters would be KLL and he flower lily Pulitzer background u used would be great :) thanks