Currently Obsessing Over...

If you know me at all, then you know I'm always obsessing over something. This weekend, the list is short but full: 

1.) Into The Woods 

I saw Into The Woods (solo!) the day after Christmas and the songs are still stuck in my head. I was obsessed with the musical a few years ago when I saw it on Netflix, and seeing it on the big screen was pretty neat. Disney did an amazing job with the production. Definitely worth the price of the ticket. 10/10, would recommend

The emotions I had listening to this song again... if you're a crier, you may want to bring a tissue or two. 

2.) Reading for Fun

I finished Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar last night and read right through E. Lockhart's We Were Liars today. 

My thoughts: 

The Bell Jar: Oh my goodness! There is a reason they call this one a classic. I was so disappointed to find out that this was Sylvia's only novel. Her writing style was my favorite kind to read. I was a little freaked out with how much I identified with Esther. I truly felt that our minds work the same way and it was so refreshing to know that someone else has felt the same things I'm feeling right now. 
Also, for the first time ever, I actually read this book slowly. I wanted to savor every bit of it, and I have a feeling I'll be buying my own copy so that I can reread my favorite passages. 

We Were Liars: I LOVE books like this one. Without spoiling it, it's a bit difficult to describe. It was about a girl who had an accident one summer and couldn't remember exactly what had happened. It was a page-turner and I finished it in one day! I kind of called the ending, but I was still surprised with it. Goosebumps guaranteed. 

3.) Fordham's Summer in the City Program

It's true, I obsessed about this last year, too. I cried, begged, and pleaded with my parents to let me go last summer, and when they finally agreed, I chickened out and got my deposit back.

But this year is different. I tell my roommate about it at least three times a week, I dream in New York, I've updated my resume, and I've visited the application page at least twelve times since it opened.

Except this year, my parents are more unrelenting than last year. My mom refuses to listen to any of my solid arguments (she accused me of trying to ruin Christmas when I brought it up earlier last week). I hate that it gets them so upset, but I know it's what I want need to do.

If anyone has advice on how to convince them that I'll be safe even though they'll be more than ten minutes away? I'm fairly certain I'll have to cut this umbilical cord with a chainsaw before we see the end of this. 

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