Astros Game Recap

So last weekend, Jake and I finally made it to the Astros game, a day we had been talking about all summer but hadn't quite pulled the trigger on making the plans.

I'm so glad we finally made it a priority because we had the best day! It was a Sunday afternoon game, so we arrived around 1pm (the game started at 1:10 but since we aren't exactly big baseball fans, we took our time parking, buying a baseball cap to complete my outfit, and getting to our seats). We were seated just in time to see the end of the first inning.

Walking into Minute Maid Park was such a cool experience. I hadn't realized that the whole thing is can be closed in;  Since it was so hot, they had the stadium covered and the air conditioners blasting -- thank goodness!

I was surprised at how even though we were at the highest level, we had basically a birds-eye view of the game from section 418. I would certainly sit there again, but the seats are pretty close together Make sure you like the person you're going with 😉.

Luckily, we picked a great day to watch baseball; the Astros and the Angels put on a great show! They were going back and forth tying up the game and by the end the 7th inning, the score was tied 10-10! I'm told this doesn't happen super often in baseball. There was also a crazy collision at home plate during the eighth inning where the Astros runner rammed right into the Angel's catcher. The catcher looked like he was knocked out and had to be taken off the field for a CT scan/concussion precaution.

When no one made any more runs by the end of the 9th inning, it was time for an extra inning! Luckily, the Astros were able to win before we abandoned the game to find dinner. The game and the extra-inning lasted well over four hours, maybe even five; we were starving by the time it was over and we raced out of the stadium to find supper. We decided to walk a few blocks to Main Street for Shake Shack and it was worth the wait.

Out of all the chain burger places, I think Shake Shack might be my favorite. Jake said he still prefers Five Guys, but the margin is pretty slim. We were SO hungry, so we had a mini feast. As much as I usually prefer to go to local restaurants, I love Shake Shack. I used to eat there all the time with friends during my DC internship a few years ago.

Overall, it was such a great day. We got in over 10,000 steps from walking around the entire stadium, up and down the stairs, and then walking to Main and back. We even had a mini photo shoot once we got back to the stadium after the crowds had cleared out.

Outfit details:
Cap: Linked here
Sneakers: Superga
Dress: Old but similar linked here and here
Purse: From this Etsy shop, similar here (see this post for more details!)
Sunnies: Under $15
Earrings: Sorrelli studs

A quick breakdown of the prices from the day:
Tickets: $57 or ~$28 a piece (these were the best value we could find and we used a discount code for $20 off)
Parking: $20
Snacks at the stadium: $30 (3 waters, 1 snowball, and 1 pretzel)
Astros cap: $30 
Shake Shack dinner: $27
Grand Total: $164 
Not too expensive for such a fun experience. I think it was worth every penny!

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