A Year in Review!

I know, we're already a week into 2014, but a review of last year seemed appropriate. 2013 was a year full of excitement and change! It will definitely go down in my record book as one of the best years of my young life. 

High School Graduation

I finally graduated! High school was definitely a journey, and I couldn't be happier to be starting another chapter in my life. And after spending 14 years (counting pre-k and kindergarden) in Catholic school wearing pressed white shirts and plaid skirts, college has been quite a change!


I discovered my love of theater in 2013, specifically musicals. 
I had the time of my life in my school play, Annie. I also got to see two spectacular Broadway musicals in New York this summer, Annie and Wicked. I can't say enough good. If you ever have the opportunity to see a broadway show, JUMP AT IT! You won't regret it. 

I also saw the The Book of Mormon when it came to New Orleans! Such a fun time! 

New York City

With my adorable little cousin.
On my trip there this June, I had an absolutely amazing time! I could do a whole post on my love of New York City and another on my trip, so for brevity's sake, I'll make this quick:
I LOVE NEW YORK. I know I need to live there sometime in the future. The city has a sort of pulse that you can feel as you're walking down those crowded streets. It's like it has a beating heart and the scurrying people are like the blood in it's street-veins. 
I've spent most of winter break obsessing over exploring NYU and Columbia Law. Why must they be sooo expensive?


Soooo excited on move-in day!
I'm having such a great time in college! I definitely wasn't one of the girls who peaked in middle or high school (still don't think I'm actually peaking yet? That sounds silly...), so being able to have a fresh start with college has been great! I honestly think I'm learning to come out of my shell (I was such a shy and quiet kid) and have made some new friends as a result. Finishing the semester with a 4.0 was icing on the cake of a lovely first semester.


As an only child, the opportunity to gain over a hundred amazing sisters really appealed to me. I knew from the first day of recruitment week that I needed to be a Phi Mu lady, and I love so much about Greek life. My school is small compared to most, but having a family group makes it much cozier and certainly puts me at ease. You're never going to be able to like all of your sisters, but I can really feel the bond between us. Any Phi Mu readers out there? LIOB!

I'm excited to see what 2014 has in store for me! I love January because it's like a new beginning. Life starts over a little bit every time the seasons change. Although I'm absolutely loving this cold weather, before we know it, the snow will have melted (figuratively in Louisiana) and spring will have sprung! 

Will 2014 be your year?

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