Goodreads + a book review

I've always loved to read. 

Some of my most vivid memories are of my mom reading bedtime stories, and one of my most treasured toys was a tape player and read-along books with tapes. 

In elementary school I would devour books and even had special permission to go to the library during recess. When I switched schools in the fifth grade, my new school's saving grace was its library. I was a mini-librarian and would check out and shelve books at recess. I had only a handful of friends, so I  would read all the time
By the time I got to high school, I didn't have as much time for reading as I would have liked, and by senior year, I'd go months without reading for fun. 

I finally had a chance to read for fun again this summer and did another post about it.

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I joined Goodreads in 2011, but hadn't really gotten into it until just recently. It's such a fun social network, and one of my favorite parts is seeing what other people are reading. My friends list is still small, but I'm sure that will change when more people realize how cool the site is and how much fun reading can be!

Now, the book review I mentioned in the title:

I usually attempt to read more prestigious, classic novels and novels that tend to be read in literature classes, however, sometimes I need a break from searching for deeper-meanings and using the dictionary app. More often than not, I'm reading two books at a time...

I really enjoyed reading The Bling Ring by Nancy Jo Sales, and can't wait to see the movie, now! I felt a lot of what she wrote about really needed to be addressed. This is a true story that follows the gang of teens that robbed the homes of Hollywood stars. She touched on the fact that our generation is becoming more and more obsessed with celebrities and fame, and it's a little scary. I know at least a handful of people who's big dream is becoming famous. 

Honestly it makes me a little sad that people dream of becoming twitter-famous or instagram-famous, but I must admit, even I sometimes dream of having a career as a social media representative (I tell myself that there is a difference in these dreams - mine involves work, right?).

I cringe thinking about how much I looked up to Paris Hilton in middle school (I didn't know about the sex-tape or the drugs), or how I can't ever seem to change the channel when Keeping Up with the Kardashions comes on. These people are famous for being famous, and I really think it sends the wrong message to the young girls out there. 

I found myself laughing as I read the book, and at some points, read aloud the dialogue to my mom and asked, "Do you think this is real life?". Aside from the humor, I loved that the whole story is based around a court case. It made me wonder if law school might actually be the right place for me. 

My advice to younger girls would be to read and learn as much as you can. Sometimes it can be hard to take my own advice, but I'm almost certain that the smarter you are, the better off you will be. Education is the key to a bright future, and, in my own opinion, reading is one of the easiest and most fun ways to train your brain. It's a much better use of time than reading tabloids or watching reality TV, that's for sure!

Have you read The Bling Ring or seen the movie? What's your next book?


  1. hey great post
    I´ve actually seen the movie the new one and the old version
    Did you see the two films?How did you find it?
    Hope you visit me too


    1. Hey Kathy! Thanks for stopping by!
      Unfortunately, I've been so busy getting ready to go back to school that I haven't had time to run to redbox! I'll be sure to check out your blog, too! :)