Summer Updates

Isn't it funny how even though the blog stays quiet for so long, life keeps going? Spring semester has been an absolute whirlwind: writing for the paper, school, and Phi Mu have kept me super busy. Since this is my own little slice of internet, I'm choosing to start blogging again, at least for the summer because I've got some fun adventures planned and want to be able to keep the memories in one place. 

But a couple of life updates since my Valentine's Day freak out of my last post

  • I'm officially a freelance writer! I got a job writing for a local magazine and couldn't have been more excited about it. You can read my article here! 
  • I'm more sure about going to law school than I've ever been before. I've also watched Legally Blonde wayyy too many times since it's been available to stream on Netflix. 
  • I racked up on Lilly for Target! 
  • I'm still on tinder, but like I said on the Valentine's post, I probably should've stayed off. Guys are jerks, 'nuff said. #stillsingle
  • I'm running/walking my first half marathon in a little over two weeks! I'm so excited! 
  • I went to Hangout Fest in Gulf Shores, AL! I'll definitely write in more detail soon because it definitely deserves its own post, but it was such a fun experience. Until I can post again, please enjoy this sunny picture of me twirling at the beach. 

Some dresses were just made for twirling. 

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  1. A little bit late commenting but glad you're back! Seriously please do a post on Hangout because I'm probably going to be there next year!
    XO Ashlee