Back To School

Technically I've been back at school for about two weeks, but with recruitment week and the first week of classes falling at the same time, I haven't even had time to think about updating the blog.

I'm so disappointed because I've been taking super cute pictures all week, and then I had to replace my iPhone (I thought I saved my pictures but clearly it didn't work). Luckily, I have darling sisters that I can count on to take pictures for me!

So since my last post, a lot has happened!

Sorority recruitment week has  by far been the most stressful, yet most rewarding experiences of my college career. All the summer practices, retreats, late nights, crafting, and stress were worth it when we welcomed sixty-nine new members on bid day!

I'm back in my apartment! 
It's no secret that I love my apartment. Living at home for the summer really made me miss my own space. I also really missed my roommate AC! We hardly saw each other this summer (she did some mission work in Africa and I did a lot of traveling and took a summer class), and it's so great to finally get back to our semester-long sleepover.

I decided to switch it up this year and put a bulletin board where my "gallery wall" used to be. Eventually I'll hang my paintings up on the wall by the bed. 

Is it weird that I sleep better at the apartment than I do at home? 

News Editor!
I've been promoted to an editor position at our school newspaper. This means that I'm busier than usual this semester, but I'm loving it! My only "issue" is trying to find actual news on my little campus. I'm also struggling to learn AP style editing, but making progress! I've also increased my coffee intake to two cups per day, if that is any indication of how busy I am.

Lisi Lerch Campus Rep! 
I'm officially a campus rep for Lisi Lerch, a super fun jewelry company that I discovered through following other bloggers. I'm planning an Outfit Of the Day post with these adorable tassel earrings. They're going to be perfect for football tailgates in a few weeks!

If you'd like to comment with your email address, I can sign you up to receive news and coupon codes from Lisi Lerch and you'll help me reach my "collect 100-emails goal"!

Check back soon and I'll have a special code for you to use on their website! 

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