Currently Crushing On: Draper James

Have you guys seen Draper James yet? I've been obsessing over it since Reese Witherspoon first announced her new brand a few months back. Her instagram and @draperjamesgirl are a little of my daily inspiration.

I'm filing this outfit under to buy when I'm skinny & rich.

Seriously, everything about this brand has me in business-student-fan-girl mode. No detail too small, and the whole brand feels so sincere and genuine, even if it is crazy expensive a bit over my budget. Her genuine nature and southern grace & charm are why she's my absolute favorite celebrity/actress and also why Reese (along with Nell) is at the top of my baby-name list. 

These are just a few snapshots from their website, but I want everything!!

Along with the stationary, these are some of my favorites from the line:

As you can tell, I'm a little obsessed with the magnolias (having flashbacks to climbing the magnolia trees in my grandpa's front yard)

And if I couldn't love Reese any more, the Draper James blog has a little blurb about her favorite spots in New Orleans! And guess what! Her favorite spots are my favorites, too! Soul sisters...

I'd be so happy if I could be Reese Witherspoon when I grow up. 

Here's to hoping that Draper James creates a sale section ASAP. 

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  1. You're not alone with your Draper James obsession, I love following their Instagram and admiring their pieces. They're a bit pricey but I hope to own a piece one day.