The Summer's Buzzing

My dad's always been a huge coffee drinker; two sugars, one cream, and into the microwave for 60 seconds if it's a day old.

Freshness doesn't really matter, and neither does the time of day. He'll drink it all day long, and will make a second pot in the late afternoon. I don't think the caffeine affects him anymore. 

He's been this way for as long as I can remember; I learned how to make a pot of coffee around age five. I'm sure most kids have tasted their parents' coffee at some point of childhood. I, like most, was turned off by the bitterness after one sip and never ventured to try it again. 

I was so afraid of trying new things, that I even got Pumpkin Spice Frappuccinos without the coffee! 

An actual closed-minded Sydney-tweet. 

Until now. Remember that whole, being-open-minded thing? Well now I'm kind of addicted. 

It started with a chocolate-covered strawberry frappe from McDonalds. I hadn't realized that there was mocha or coffee flavor in it until I tasted it. I didn't not like it, and then I started craving them. I must've had two or three when I decided to try something coffee flavored from Starbucks. 

I decided on a java chip frappuccino and really liked it. Then I saw all the ads for the new Vanilla Macchiato; they were so pretty! The color contrast of the espresso and milk -- I had to try it!

And now I'm obsessed (and craving them on the reg). I've also tried (and loved) iced vanilla lattes (my fuel for finals week)!

My new goal for the summer? 
Learn to make yummy coffee drinks at home! Look out for a recipe soon :)

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