Blessings on the Bayou

I mentioned that I was on a hometown mission trip last week, and I'm absolutely bummed that all of the amazing missionaries are back in Baton Rouge. (I've been so caught up in my post-mission funk, that this Monday-post turned into a Wednesday-post. Sorry!)

Telling all of these beautiful souls goodbye had me even more bent out of shape than I was when I said goodbye to my sorority sisters for the summer.

My church started hosting this mission trip five years ago when it wasn't safe for another church group travel to their usual mission-trip country of choice. I think it shows how easy it is to help people - no need to travel across the world, just look in your own backyard (literally!). 

200+ high-school missionaries, both local and from the Baton Rouge area, come together to grow in their faith while helping our community. 

New friends, old friends, and even older friends. Such a blessing. 

I worked along with these fabulous ladies and some of the world's most charming gentlemen as a "mentor". Not-quite-kids, not-quite-adults, we were spread out in different small groups, but grew so close by the end of the week. 

Some of my favorite parts of the mission? 

Seeing my small town through the eyes of a stranger. 

Bonding with my small group when there weren't enough paint brushes to go around… 

… And meeting some colorful native folks in the process.

And, of course, the inside jokes, late-night charades tournaments, and McDonald's and Sonic trips with the other mentors. 

I wish I could replay this week, Groundhog Day-style for the rest of the summer!

Has anyone else gone on or is planning to go on a mission trip soon? 


  1. Absolutely love this! So proud of you and this blog! I love being able to call you my friend! See you soon love

  2. What a great experience!