Just Beachin'

Hi, July! 

Did June really go by that quickly? 

Mom and I spent last weekend in the sunshine state relaxing and enjoying the beach. 

The Destin/Ft. Walton area never disappoints; sugar crystal sand on an emerald coast. 

We managed to get ridiculously sunburnt on Day 1, and spent the rest of the weekend hiding under the umbrella. 

I mean, it could've been worse… 

Summer Bucket List: 
#30. Try Something New

I had so much fun learning to paddle board. Surprisingly, it isn't as hard as it looks; Mom and I both battled the waves.

My beach read of the trip: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. 

We finished off the trip with lunch at this adorable little café. Probably Destin's equivalent of Thibodaux's Weeping Willow Café


  1. Paddle boarding looks like so much fun, it's something I would love to try too! Looks like a wonderful vaca!

  2. Im glad you had an easier time learning how to paddle board than i did. I went once and I was just glad if I could stand up on my board without falling over, but we were riding on some tough waves. My knees were all scratched up by the end of the day. It was still fun though & i would definitely do it again if i ever have the chance.

    The Postcard Journals

  3. loving your lilly croakies & gone girl is on of my all time favorites!

    Makeshift Munch