Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sorority Recruitment Style

I can't believe sorority recruitment at Nicholls is only a little over a month away! It feels like just yesterday I was stressing out (for no good reason) about what to wear to each party! I bought all of my dresses so far in advance that I was worried I'd jinx myself! Ha!

I knew going into recruitment that I wanted/had to be a Phi Mu (I don't recommend setting your sights on one sorority; it only adds to your stress levels).

Because Nicholls is such a small school (6,000ish students?), there are only three NPC sororities to choose from. This makes our recruitment process a million times simpler than LSU or other big schools in the Southeastern Conference (not to be confused with the Southland Conference, home of our fighting Colonels).

Instead of running around to different sorority houses (sadly, we don't have those) for a week, there are three nights set up for potential new members (PNMs) to get to know the sororities.

I don't have many pictures from my own recruitment (there was a rule about no phones and social networking), so I put together new outfits that I'd wear if I could go through it again!
Recruitment Night 1
outfit details here! 

The first night is Philanthropy night, the most casual night. PNMs will visit all three rooms, learn a bit about each group's philanthropic activities, and do a craft that goes along with it. 

slideshow night
outfit details here!

Slideshow night is the second night. This is when PNMs watch slideshows that show what each sisterhood is all about. At Nicholls, this is business-chic night. I wore flats because heels make me nervous, but either are acceptable. (I'm in LOVE with this dress from J.Crew Factory!)

pref night
outfit details here!

The final night, preference night, is the most formal night when PNMs and the sororities make their decision. It's a mutual selection process, and girls receive their bid cards are on the next day, Bid Day. It's a good idea for PNMs to stay away from solid black or white dresses on this night because that's what most of the sororities will be wearing.

If you're planning to go through recruitment this fall and are having outfit concerns, check out this guide from Sorority Sugar! Every school is different, and what works for Nicholls may not be the norm at your school. I suggest checking your school's NPC website or talking to someone in a sorority there just to be sure. 

Is anyone planning on joining a sorority this fall?


  1. The college I went to did not have a sorority but I do love the outfits you picked. I have that scalloped dress and I definitely would recommend it to others.

  2. I'm already out of college but I love these looks! They would be perfect for any event :)

  3. So I am literally in love with all of these looks. I need that scallop dress!!! Great sets girl. Love that you wore these to the events.

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style

    1. Thanks Lauren! I wish, but I didn't actually wear them (my wallet would have an anxiety attack over that Kate Spade dress!). A girl can dream, though, right?

  4. Wait how do you make these graphics?!?

    1. I made sets on polyvore! If you click the links under them, it takes you to the site and you can see where everything is from. Super simple :)

      For all of my other graphics and collages on the blog, I use photoshop. Any thing on the blog without a link under it is my own.