Happy Birthday, Toodlebelle!

I'm choosing to celebrate today as Toodlebelle's blog-birthday!

Blowing out the candles on a great first year! 

I originally started this blog because I wanted a social media outlet that I could turn into my online journal of sorts. My first posts were some lovely high school poetry (that I've since deleted, sorry/you're welcome) and mostly about New York City.

A year later, I still want to live in NYC, and am still approximately a thousand miles away from that dream. (Blog title before I transitioned to "Toodlebelle's Blog"? "1000 Miles from NYC")

But a year ago from this day was when I stepped into what we'll loosely define as "lifestyle blogging". I'd fallen in love with TheCollegePrepster.com and some other fab blogs, so I wanted my own.

It's still basically my online journal, but slightly more structured, and (I like to think) organized with around least three posts per week.

Blogging over this past year has helped me realize how much I love writing. I may have never joined my school newspaper or decided to minor in English if it weren't for this blog. Now I recommend it to everyone, and have even helped some friends design their own blogs for school projects.

Even if I'm never "successful" enough to make a career out of blogging, and even if blogging is "on its way out", I'll blog until I don't want to anymore. Plain and simple. Who knows where this next year will take me (I'm guessing not that far, but a girl can dream). I'll keep writing even if y'all stop reading!

(But please don't stop! After all, aren't we friends yet?)

P.S. Did you notice I have my own domain name now?? Toodlebelle.com was a birthday present to myself :)

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  1. I've been meaning to buy my own domain and keep putting it off. Congrats on your blogging anniversary, it's quite the accomplishment!