Sheinside Dress Review

I fell in love with this navy J.Crew dress when Mom and I were outlet shopping at the beach.

(Truthfully, I fell in love with it a long time ago when Carly blogged about it last summer.)

Don't you hate when you seriously regret not buying something? (For me, it's that black scallop dress and this Kate Spade Bag.)

But when Dorothy blogged about her turquoise scallop dress a few weeks ago, she included a link to Sheinside, a website I had never heard of. Turns out, they had a similar looking scalloped dress on their website for a remarkably lower price than the sold-out J.Crew version.

I told my mom that if I ever saw this black dress again, I'd spend a small fortune on it. I was slightly suspicious at the practically microscopic price, but figured for $30 (shipping costs and such), it was worth a try.

I was so excited when they came in, but unfortunately, they are too small. I thought large meant 12/14, but this large fit more like an 8/10. 

I'm just going to sell them to my friends because shipping them back to China would cost more than I paid. 

But other than being too small, they really seem like nice dresses. Not as wrinkle resistant as their high-end counterparts, but still pretty good quality. 

If you take anything away from this product review, let it be "order at your own risk". You can't be afraid to lose a little bit of cash (hopefully I can find a friend to squeeze into this one). 

As for me, I'm still on the hunt for the perfect black scallop dress! Does anyone know where I can find one that would fit my size 12/14 self??? 


  1. That's such a great deal! I've been looking for a dress like this and I even like the cheaper one better!!!!!!!!

    1. Only order if you like your dresses fitted ;)
      And be warned that the fabric isn't quite the same.