Loving With Your Whole Heart

Unrequited Love: (nounlove that is not openly reciprocated, returned, or understood as such.

I'm not just talking about that boy that didn't really like you back, either… 

What about the friend that, no matter how nice you were, never seemed to like you quite as much? Or the grandma that always seemed to like your cousins better than you, no matter how sweet you were to her? Some unlucky people might have even had a parent that just didn't have time to "do the parent thing"…  

Yep, that's all considered unrequited love, too, and it's certainly not fun. 

What are you supposed to do when no matter how hard you love someone, he/she just doesn't return it? 

Love. Them. Anyway. 

I mean, basically this is what the bible teaches, but I read this article and it really got me thinking about it. Even though it was probably meant to be a fluff piece, it's about love advice Taylor Swift gave to a fan recently and it blew me away. 

It's pretty short, and you really should read the whole thing, but in a nutshell, she said this: loving someone without expecting something in return is selfless, beautiful, and kind. She added that you should "Feel good about being the kind of person who loves selflessly."

That really hit home for me. As a girl who's never had a boyfriend, most of my relationships have been built on unrequited love… Taylor worded this so beautifully, too. She said, "I think unrequited love is just as valid as any other kind. It's just as crushing and just as thrilling."

So the next time you're feeling down on yourself for being twenty years old and still being single, (First, let me know I'm not alone), then think of Taylor's advice: Just keep loving everyone with your whole heart, and someday you'll find someone who loves you in the same way. 

Also, if you're feeling a little discouraged on this Monday morning, try reading this…

I hope your week is off to a good start! 

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