Recruitment Week

My life has been revolving around sorority recruitment for the last month, and the week is finally here! (I blogged about it last month, too!). I'm so looking forward to my first time as an active member of Phi Mu, and especially meeting the new girls! It feels like I was just in their shoes, anxious and excited like I hope they are, too!

I love words so much, but putting into words how amazing this sisterhood has been to me? It's proving to be pretty challenging. 

Most of my pledge class on our bid day last year! 

I'm risking major cliches with this post, but the girls in Phi Mu are so much more than friends; they're my sisters

There aren't enough pictures I could post that would ever show all that Phi Mu really is. My sisters are, without a doubt, the most genuine, classy, kind-hearted, loving ladies. They know me better than I know myself sometimes, and love me even though I'm sure that's not so easy some days.

I'm praying that all of the girls going through recruitment this week (or in the near future) have a great experience (I made so many friends before I even received my bid).

My biggest piece of advice for all Potential New Members? Listen to your heart. You'll meet a lot of girls and hear so many facts about each sorority. You'll be asked your hometown, hobbies and major a thousand times, and there will probably be a few awkward moments.  But most importantly, you'll find a group of girls that makes you feel like you belong. Phi Mu felt like home to me, and I hope you find your own home, too.

Recruitment here at Nicholls means a social media-free week for all sorority gals and new members. I'll be back, happy as a clam, on Saturday after bid day! 

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