Sincere Compliments

In my 19 years of experience, I've noticed that people can sometimes have a hard time with the subject of compliments, both receiving and giving.

Maybe I'm just super vain (lets hope that's not it), but I, like most breathing humans, love getting compliments. In fact, I'd venture to say that most people do, but people don't give enough of them.

How often do you find yourself thinking highly of a friend, or bragging about your awesome friend, but never actually telling this friend what you think?

Why does it seem so much easier to spread gossip and bad energy around when we could be spreading good energy and positive vibes instead?

I've decided that from now on, whenever I catch myself talking someone up, I'm going to make it a point to tell that person. I think others deserve to know when you're thinking of them positively.

We did an activity at one of our sorority retreats this summer where everyone taped a piece of paper on her back and went around writing anonymous compliments. This was definitely a top-ten Phi Mu moment for me. Of course, being the hoarder that I am, I saved my sheet for the dark days.

With that being said, maybe you could make it your goal for the week to give at least one sincere compliment a day? Let's start spreading the good vibes :)

What's your favorite compliment to receive? 

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