Weekend Recap

This weekend was definitely the busiest (and arguably most fun) I've had all summer. Filled to the brim with friends, sisters, laughs, and the inevitable handful of yawns, I have this strange feeling that this was a small taste of what's coming in the next few months. I have to say, I'm totally not dreading it!

My weekend started early on Friday night with the start of our Phi Mu recruitment retreat! 

How fun are our yard signs??

After getting all of our songs thoroughly stuck in my head and Friday's session was through, some of us got together for a game night (though, now that I think about it, we never got around to playing the board game). 

That late night got chased away by an early morning and a full day of recruitment practice! I was reminded exactly why I joined Phi Mu and can't wait to share that with the new members at our upcoming recruitment parties! Also, I can sing the songs with all the right words, now ;)

Of course we always manage to have some goofy fun in the midst of the productivity. 

And since we had such a productive day, most of the chapter decided to go out downtown later that night! 

Now, I can almost always find a better way to spend an evening than barhopping, and I have never actually had a great time when we go DT, but Saturday night was the closest I've ever been to a "great night." Of course it started out in crisis: "What will I wear?" "My hair is a mess!" "None of my shorts fit!" "I look terrible!" etc. going through my mind. 

Sipping Diet Cokes because we were both designated drivers… 

I managed to put aside the negative voices in my head (with the help of my amazing future-roomie/sister) and by the time I got there, I was feeling close to confident. I can't lie and say I didn't even feel awkward in the bars like I usually do with small groups, but at least I had large groups of sisters to talk to/ be awkward with. 

Sunday morning crept up four short hours after my head hit the pillow. I woke up early this morning for a special mass. One of my friends from Blessings On The Bayou is a seminarian in our diocese (aka he's studying to be a priest); he's going back to the seminary (aka priest school) soon. He had been assigned to a church in Baton Rouge for the summer and this morning was his last mass; I just had to make the hour-long drive to say goodbye! 

Seriously, I don't know if this guy can actually be serious.

After a bittersweet reunion and a tasty lunch, I drove back home. I managed to catch up with some out-of-town family for a good forty-five minutes before jetting off again. Another hour-long drive later (this time in the opposite direction), and I was surprising my big sis for a beauty pageant! 

I think I brought her a bit of extra luck (not that she needed it!) because she was crowned Miss St. Charles Parish Festival! #proudlittle

And then my eyes were getting heavy so I knew I had to get back home quickly. Thank goodness for $1 diet cokes at the McDonald's drive-thru! Caffeine can be spectacular sometimes. 

The rain on my window is making it almost impossible for me to stay awake…I'll catch up with y'all laterrrr…..zzzzz

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